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The winner in “Best use of Smule data” category of Smackaton 2013 is… team “Chereshka”.

We are Asen, Georgi and Svilen. We are the Bulgarian server team in Smule. We watch the server infrastructure closely and we make sure that you can sing and share songs 24/7.

We are mostly server guys, so we tried to answer the question: What’s happening at the moment in Smule nation?. We wanted to sense the pulse of the community. So we built “Smule Pulse”.

Smule Pulse visualizes the data of performances, comments, loves and listens from the past 10 minutes in various ways to make it easy to comprehend. The data is gathered and displayed near real time. For example, locations where the most performances are created, are marked with green. The more color the area has, the more performances are created in that area. You can switch different layers to compare the data – for example which places in the world generate the most loves or comments, or where people are shy and only listen the performances.

Next, we created a chart of the top countries based on these interactions. The chart is very dynamic and you can zoom in each country or city. We also collect the most recent comments and tried to make sense of them. We present the most recent comments as continuous stream. We also wanted to see what’s the mood of the community so we build a cloud of most used words. It is very cool to see how positive the community is: the biggest words are “great”, “love”, “lol”. We also analyze the hot #hashtags and the most mentioned @singers in comments.

P.S. “Chereshka” in Bulgarian means “small cherry”. The name comes from an old and very popular competition TV show for children in Bulgaria – “Бързи, смели сръчни” (Fast, brave and skilful). The 2 compeating teams were named “Cherry” and “Strawberry”.