CommunitySWC Winner announced!

SWC Winner announced!



The Latin Voices Smule Community presents the new absolute champion of Sing! competition “Smule World Championship 2017”  that took place during the months of July, August and September.

The Indonesian Team DVocalist Superb managed to become the reigning champion of SWC 2017, winning in “The Global Final” against the team LATIN VOICES CHIMERAS. Let’s review the glorious path of this team full of talented guys who enjoyed singing like each of us in Sing!

DVocalist Superb is formed by a group of 10 vocalists (Tri, Widi, Olive, Cincin, Hilda, Ega, Hexa, Venny, Bhisma & Septi) and was led by Olive they gave it their all with only one objective in mind: To become the champions of SWC 2017. The team signed up for the English version of SWC 2017 and was assigned to Zone 1-List A along with five other teams to compete against. This was the first challenge of DVocalist Superb. First, they knew they had to qualify for the next round and that included being among the top two in List A.

Although in the beginning it was a hard challenge due to the high amount of competitive talent, they managed to finally classify and advance to the next round and from that moment on for the remainder of the competitive weeks they continued a successful triumphant path getting much more closer to their goal. The team never gave up until becoming champions of Zone 1 of the English Version of SWC 2017.

To their surprise the team ended up against one of their own family, DVocalist Platinum whom were champions of Zone 2 and they both had to battle it out for the title of the English version. Finally they were able to break their limits to finally become the champions of the English version.

Still there was a final step; which was what the group had anxiously awaited since the beginning of the competition. DVocalist Superb had to go up against the representative of the Spanish version SWC 2017 Latin Voices Chimeras for the biggest title The Absolute Champion  SWC 2017. The team of 10 talented vocalists had only 2 weeks to prepare and sing a group song and was required to present on the day of the final. They finally presented a song in the Mashup category: “Bird set Free” obtaining great results and having been elected by the judges of the competition. The epic moment had finally come, the judges had to announce the results and the group became the absolute reigning champion of SWC 2017. Congratulations team!!!

As part of the organization of this competition we would also like to congratulate the champion of Zone 2 of the English Version: DVocalist Platinum, Latin Voices Chimeras for representing the Spanish Version and especially to all of the 192 teams. Also the judges who participated in this second edition of Smule World Championship. To finalize, we leave you with the winning group song from DVocalist Superb to enjoy:

“Bird Set Free (Mashup)” – (The Global Final) winning song

We will see you in 2018!

Diego Paul – @Paulizinho

(Creator of SWC and Founder of Latin Voices SC)