ProductTuesday Tips: Confidence Building

Tuesday Tips: Confidence Building

Tuesday Tips is part of our Smule Inspire program. Through shared performances, tips, guest blog posts by veteran users, we hope that Smule Inspire will do just as its name implies: inspire all users in the community – to connect, collaborate, and create music together … ultimately to have the best experience possible on Smule.

“Practice makes perfect and builds confidence. I used to be terrified of singing in front of people and nerves still get to me today sometimes. Going to karaoke bar really built my confidence up slowly. Sure my first 20 performances in front of people probably weren’t there best and I wasn’t pushing myself to showcase my singing to its best ability but I eventually got there. So keep at it. Try to impress yourself not others.” – Dearhead
“Smile while you sing 🙂 use your hands to gesture, pull back your shoulders, focus on body language. This subconsciously improves your confidence. If your body is confident, your brain goes, “hey, we must be feeling confident”, and the cycle continues.” –JeffreyAKG_TV 
“If you’re really shy, start with audio only. Video adds another level of nerves for some people. But believe it or not, I was super nervous to sing on Smule when I started and nervous about video when it came out. I have fangs and I was worried what people would say….turns out this community is incredibly supportive. Surround yourself with people you feel are kind on the app, by joining them. Those people will tend to boost your confidence with their nice comments. 🙃” –Hoonhans_DavidK

“It’s been 20 years since I’m singing in front of people and still have moments of doubt! I guess what counts most is believing in the message of the song! Then try to sing as if you were talking, as if it was your own story! Of course, this is just a small part, but then having a good technique for that matters too, and that can only be gained through practice! Also, choosing a song that fits your mood, range and sing your heart out!” –LAURA_TV

“My mother told me once… Fake it till you make it😉. Do it and do it so often it becomes like second nature to you, you’ll realize over time confidence kicks in😊. Granted I’ve been singing in front of audiences since I was 9 and nerves still kick in but find something to do before singing.. Like, count down to 10 or simply breathe before. Lastly have fun! and sing a songs you love or like… that helps too!” –Lolosingss
“Even if you’re in a mood just own it. Especially if you’re singing on video lol. Most ppl are pretty good at reading body language so being yourself and letting lose tends to get positive responses.” – xGotti 
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