ProductTuesday Tips: Branding Yourself

Tuesday Tips: Branding Yourself

Tuesday Tips is part of a new program that we are super excited to be launching today: Smule Inspire. Through shared performances, tips, guest blog posts by veteran users, we hope that Smule Inspire will do just as its name implies: inspire all users in the community – to connect, collaborate, and create music together … ultimately to have the best experience possible on Smule.

 “Oh hai 👋🏾
I think self branding on social media is more so being yourself to the point of familiarizing people with you. Knowing your specific audience, and acting accordingly (of course w/ out fully compromising your personality.) Developing a relationship w/ a group of strangers across a variety of platforms, based on consistency, humility, and personal aesthetic is very important. People come to expect certain things, which is okay, but just make sure you don’t force a brand that isn’t who you really are. It’s painfully obvious, 😅. I’m rambling, that’s all.” – xYego
“I would say absolutely the number one key is staying true to yourself. If you have a big personality really let that shine. People on social media really feel like they know you without actually knowing you, so if you keep changing your persona and not being true to yourself people may feel a disconnect from you. People want to feel like they’re your friend not like you’re a new person every time they meet you or hear you. And just be kind to people. That’s all you really need.”
“Being consistent is very important as well. All of us are uniquely different and if you want to be noticed in particular for what sets you apart make sure you are consistently offering songs you like to sing sung in the style you like to sing in. Don’t hesitate to show your personality or individual style in your videos. This makes you memorable. Make sure you’re creating more video and less audio open calls as well.” – Sarah_TV
“Branding and marketing are what I actually do for a profession. You can choose a persona for yourself if you want, like Lady Gaga, Sia, or Smule’s very own user @Chanticleer, but you have to be consistent. First decide, what do I want to accomplish, and then decide, is this going to happen best by me being myself or by me taking on a persona/character? Then, be consistent. Remember when Geico commercials first started using the Gecko? Really unimpressive at first, but through consistency and repetition, everyone knows that ’15 minutes could save you 15% or more on auto insurance.’ 😜” –Hoonhans_DavidK
“Just like they said, being yourself and consistent is the key, I know i’m not as good as singers as everyone else so being a musician/’that acoustic dude on Smule’ is how I differentiate myself on Smule, I also create my own logo, cover art & hashtag so people would always remember me 😂😂” – Weezerden
“What they said🙌” – LoLoSingss
If you have a question you’d like to ask or even a topic you’d like to learn more about, please fill out the form on the Smule Inspire page!
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