Week 2 of #SuaraSmule – The Chosen Team Members

Smule Indonesia presents: #SuaraSmule, the biggest singing competition for all Smule users in Indonesia! We invite you to show your best talents, share and support each other, and ultimately, be a star in Smule! Get a chance to be a winner and go to Smule’s Headquarters in San Francisco, USA, for free recording of songs, music videos and VIPs!

Check out 6 participants selected this week by Coach to join their team in Playlist #SuaraSmule, or open your Smule app on the Browse page.


#TeamBabyShima – Week 2

#TeamBlackwaters – Week 2

#TeamCitraUtami – Week 2

Record with Like / Most Comments – Week 2 (Get 1 Month Free VIP)

Bagi yang belum terpilih, jangan kuatir! Anda masih mempunyai kesempatan terpilih menjadi anggota team mereka di minggu berikutnya!


Cara Ikut Serta:

  1. Join undangan lagu dari 3 Coach yang ditunjuk: @BabyShima (“Sayang”), @Blackwaters (“Akad”) and @Citra_Utami (“Lumpuhkanlah Ingatanku”). Anda juga dapat menemukan seluruh undangan lagu di dalam banner promosi “Suara Smule” di aplikasi Smule Anda.
  2. Bagikan rekaman Anda di media sosial dengan hashtag #SuaraSmule.
  3. Ajak teman Anda sebanyak-banyaknya untuk mendukung Anda, dengan cara like dan komen di rekaman Smule Anda, untuk memenangkan 1 bulan VIP gratis di minggu tersebut!
  4. Setiap minggu (sampai 29 Juli), setiap Coach akan memilih 2 peserta untuk bergabung dalam team mereka.
  5. Di akhir periode babak Audisi, setiap Coach akan memiliki 10 peserta di dalam team mereka untuk melanjutkan ke babak berikutnya!


Syarat dan Ketentuan Berlaku. (link)


Smule Indonesia presents: #SuaraSmule, the biggest singing competition for Smule Community in Indonesia! We invite you to show your true talent, share your loves and support, then finally, become the next star on Smule! Get yourself a chance to be the winner and go to Smule Headquarter in San Francisco, USA, to record a song, to have your own music video, and to get free VIP!


Check out this week’s 6 participants who are chosen by the Coaches to join their team on the #SuaraSmule Playlist right now, or open up your Smule app and tap on the Explore screen.


#TeamBabyShima – Week 2


#TeamBlackwaters – Week 2


#TeamCitraUtami – Week 2


Most Liked/Commented Recording – Week 2 (Get free 1 month VIP)


If you haven’t got picked, don’t worry! You still have a chance to become their team member for next week!


How to Enter:

  1. Join song invitations from these 3 assigned Coaches: @BabyShima (“Sayang”), @Blackwaters (“Akad”) and @Citra_Utami (“Lumpuhkanlah Ingatanku”). You can also find the song invitations under “Suara Smule” banner in Smule app.
  2. Share your recordings in socials with #SuaraSmule hashtag.
  3. Get as many as your friends to support you by loving and commenting on your Smule recording, to win free 1 month VIP!
  4. Every week (until July 29), each Coach will choose 2 participants to become their team members.
  5. In the end of the Audition Round, each Coach will have 10 chosen participants in their team, and they will continue to the next round!


Terms and Conditions Apply. (link)