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Women's History Month

New: Women’s History Month

This March, Smule celebrates Women’s History Month. Raise your voice alongside your favorite artists to honor the triumphs and struggles of women throughout history.

Join Women’s History Month!

Celebrating the voices and stories of women everywhere by singing with trailblazing artists like Cyndi Lauper, empowering characters like Mulan, next-generation talent like Jade LeMac, and so many more inspiring members of the Smule community.

How Can I Participate in Women’s History Month?

  1. Make your pick from our featured invites in the promo page, or create your own!
  2. Add the hashtag #WomensHistoryMonth to your performance or join one with it for the chance to be featured.

Click here to enter the #WomensHistoryMonth!

Are you ready to make history? Let the music begin!