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Smule Meet Ups

Smule Meet Ups (February – March)

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L_A_G // LAG – Love Accoustic Group

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“We thank Smule that we found us on your App. We are people from all around Germany and we love to sing together. This Meet-Up was our first and it  was not the last one. LAG is become to a little big family for all of us and we hope that we can share our passion for music with all of you.” – Luca


2C4S Meet Up


“We were going to go to the bar for karaoke but plans changed and we stayed in to smule together instead. It was a very fun, casual night. We laughed a lot and sang a lot.” – Kate


Sing Republic

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“There were no awkward/dull moments. We didn’t skip a beat. It was like meeting up with family.” – Word Chris

“It felt like we’ve known each other for forever! It was a great experience!” – Drea

“No one will ever truly understand the connection we have. When we are together there is a presence and power that fills the room. It was undeniably one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.” – Ivy

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Smule Meet Ups – September 2015


Smule Meet Ups – September 2015

Smule Meet Up Tip

Meet Ups are very popular within the Smule community and have been known to bring people together, while getting you outside of your comfort zone. There’s a common fear people face going to a meet up for the first time – singing in front of an audience, as opposed to singing on an app. However, after many conversations with Smule Meet Up goers, we have found that even if you don’t consider yourself a “good” singer, the overwhelming support from your Smule friends get you through your initial jitters, and you will end up having a blast!

TIP: Remember, the people you’re about to meet are friends that support you online – don’t let the nerves of “going live” hold you back. Get out there and rock on!

Check out the meet ups that happened last week:


“We had meet up yesterday–that was really fun and we all enjoyed meet up!!
It was awesome & everybody kept laughing!!” – Tomoko



“I admit I was a little nervous at first, meeting random people from the internet lol. But it was so amazing how we all clicked right away and just acted as if we had been friends forever. Smule has given us such a unique way to communicate and connect in a deep level with people we never would otherwise.” – Yuliana Sing


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Smule at SF MusicTech Summit

Smule CTO Alex Li presented a talk “Smule Nation: Building a Social Music Platform” at 2013 SF Music Tech Summit yesterday. You may find the slides here.

Alex also joined a panel discussion “Streaming Huge Amount of Music”, moderated by Rusty Hodge from SomaFM. Other participants include Michael Cerda from Vevo, Chris Martin from Pandora and Brewster Kahle from Archive.org.