CommunityMeet the Admins Behind Singtopia!

Meet the Admins Behind Singtopia!

Meet the Admins Behind Singtopia!

As part of our weeklong celebration of Singtopia, we celebrate the admins behind the scenes who make Singtopia what it is today – a strong community is led by strong leaders!

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams


@AdrianSings / August 2012 / Co-Founder 

“Adrian, life of the party and creative guru. He has vision and the courage to bring it to fruition.”

I love singing, and any time I am feeling down or trying to forget my problems, I find that singing really makes me feel better. Those little pop-ups on the app that mention the benefits of singing really are true. Sometimes it takes ‘til the second or third song before the endorphins and dopamine kick in, but by then I’m just in my own happy little Sing! bubble and I feel great!

What I love best about Sing! is that it introduced me to some of the best, most supportive friends I have ever had. I know that people think that if you haven’t met someone in real life that it isn’t a “real” friendship. However, I can honestly say that Maria, Nikki, and my fellow admins have been my biggest source of strength during my recent health crisis.

My advice to newcomers is to have fun, make friends, try new things, don’t be afraid of looking stupid, and most of all just sing with all your heart!

Since I started using the Glee app in the fall of 2010 my only real hobby has been singing. It gave me the confidence to sing in front of others at a karaoke bar for the first time in my life and led me to take singing lessons two years ago. I recently joined a men’s choir, started to write music, and got a MacBook so I could collaborate with other Sing! users using GarageBand. So basically now all my hobbies revolve around music thanks to Smule.

 @Maria66 / October 2012 / Co-Founder 

“Maria is a MACHINE! Her dedication, time, and effort in the Sing! Community are endless.”

My family is my motivation in love and health and much more. I love to help people and offer all I can to come to a positive outcome. Singing is my relaxation and my outlet, and I am grateful to be able to sing with amazing talent around the world through Sing!

My most memorable moment is when I recorded my first song ever and played it to my kids! Their faces…priceless! I have met some of my best friends through the Sing! app, and we have since created an amazing and supportive community in Singtopia!

To the newbies, enjoy the Sing! app for YOU! Meet and collaborate with users from all over the world and stay true to yourself and your music.

My hobbies and interests include singing, dancing, spending time with kids, crafting, and traveling.

@NikkiSongs / September 2012 / Co – Founder

“Nikki shows her passion for Sing! and the Singtopia community through her music and creativity. She is strong, hard-working, and compassionate, has an amazing sense of humor, and is a great friend.”

The biggest motivation for me is that there is always something new on Sing! New music, new members, new friendships. It all waits everyday to be discovered. We always strive to bring something fresh to the community, as well. This constant motion day and night makes me so excited in the morning to see what’s going on in the Sing! world each day.

What I like best about Sing! is the fact that I can sing anywhere, anytime with my choice of hundreds of thousands of other members from all over the world WHAT?! That’s just AMAZING! The most basic concept of Sing! is still my favorite!!!

Newbies! Sing with as many people as you can. Don’t be shy – just get right in there! And if you have any questions, visit us in Singtopia! If the admins don’t know the answer, our members will pitch in to give you a hand or a shoulder or an ear for whatever you need.

Hobbies… Well I used to have hobbies about two years ago! I enjoy music, art, the outdoors, and spending time with my two boys and my dog. When I’m not playing, I’m working as a high tech pediatric Registered Nurse.

@iElyssHarmony / October 2012 / Admin

“Amazing woman with a heart larger than life… Everything she does as a friend and with Singtopia I greatly appreciate.”

What motivates me is my mood. Depending on how I feel that day, I’ll choose a song that will let me express my emotions. I can’t sing a sad love song when I’m happy!

Creating awesome group songs with my good Sing! friends – it’s so much fun and so amazing to be able to sing all together from different parts of the world!

Always remember that Sing! is all about having fun and being able to express yourself freely. Don’t feel pressured by groups or other individuals who want you to do as they please. It’s all about the fun!!

My hobbies are baking & decorating cakes, cooking, Zumba, and binge watching Netflix shows! Oh, and I am a super fan of “The Walking Dead”!

@iMezlopes_PGS / February 2013 / Admin

“Priscilla does it all! Fashionista, mashup master, amazing harmonizer, group leader… But most importantly an amazing friend.”

What motives me? Life. If I want to escape, I sing! Excited – I sing! Any extreme ends of the emotional scale and I will sing.

It’s amazing to be part of a great community that just loves doing what you do! My best memory is trying to get Nikki to join my group PGS – I sent her a million invites, and she thought I was rubbing in her face that I was part of a group and no longer would sing with her! Hilarious! (She is in the group now, by the way, and we even call each other sisters.)

My advice for newcomers is to sing like you’re a rockstar – don’t be afraid of judgment! Just do it anyway and you will enjoy the app that way.

I enjoy playing tennis and board games! I recently started getting fitter, as well, so hopefully it helps my singing!

@KingRR / December 2012 / Admin

“Ruben will always be there for you when you need him in a pinch. He is fun-loving, talented, and super creative with anything he touches.”

Work and love are my motivation!

What I always loved about Sing was the chance to sing with anyone in any part of the world.

My advice to newcomers is… don’t bother about numbers or highlights. From the moment you start caring about the spotlight, you won’t be having any fun. I enjoy film and event production!

@Vince_Encore / February 2013 / Admin 

“A very talented musician and singer and great friend. Vince has killer organizational skills, is professional, and is very dedicated to his family and friends.”

Right now, my two-year-old daughter motivates me the most to be the best person I can be in everything that I do.

My most memorable moment was a visit to Smule HQ with Dr. Kurt and Padrua and meeting all of the cool people at Smule like Turner, Maurice, Jeannie, etc. Our very rough live recording of “Sweet Home Alabama” was so much fun.

Sing as much as you can with everything you’ve got and listen to each recording before releasing it.

Given the opportunity, I could spend a lot of time traveling, playing guitar, playing in a band, golfing, mountain biking, and hiking.