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Sing-and-Tell Winners

Sing-and-Tell Winners


In January we announced a contest hosted on social media platforms as a way to share your best and favorite performances to your friends and family. Many of you crafted amazing group, creative cosplay, and awesome partner artist videos, and we loved them – thank you for sharing! We announced the winners below who will win an iPad Mini! 


Twitter Winner:

Who doesn’t love singing with Partner Artists? MrLboyd sings an awesome duet with Nico and Vinz with their hit song “Am I Wrong.” Not only is their duet awesome, but 439 people on Twitter thought so too, enough to reshare it 276 times! 🙂


Facebook Winner:

Beautiful and heartwarming self-group video with Sharell_NV! We loved her unique voice and her powerful video. Keep it up! 🙂

Good job everyone and see you in the next challenge! 😉