ProductNEW FEATURE: Gifting on Smule

NEW FEATURE: Gifting on Smule

Smule gifting – a new feature

We have launched a new feature that is just the beginning of a whole new gifting ecosystem. Smule gifting. Right now in your Smule app, you are able to gift or receive GIFs to show appreciation to friends and family!

This launch is primarily to test the initial wallet system and we look to enhance the wallet feature with other fun things to gift. Stay tuned 😉

How does Smule gifting work?

Go to performance and click the gift button to start sharing the love. With gifts you can:

1. Appreciate fellow singers
2. Encourage and reward awesome joins
3. Make new friends

Spread the love and show your appreciation with gifts today. Because loving is giving and that’s what Smule is all about. <3