CommunitySmule Meet Up: Germany

Smule Meet Up: Germany

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Thank you Smule for bringing us together. This Meetup really was a Family Meetup. We felt like we’ve known each other for forever. We will never forget this Weekend. We live for Music, live for singing and now we also live for this Family. This is real love. We had so much fun, we shared Tears, it was amazing. This connection is unbelievable. Nobody will ever understand this feeling of Love. This group really is not only a group. Every single one is wonderful. You can’t describe that in words. But in these Persons you find: Authenticity, Empathy, Sincerity, Respect, true Love and social Engagement. It doesn’t matter how old you are… it doesn’t matter if you are a women or a man. It doesn’t matter where you’re from.  We come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It doesn’t matter if you are fat, thin, ugly or beautiful. You are accepted as the one you are. This is a family, in which is helped without hesitation. Music connected. We have a base together which is based on so much cordiality, fun and love. Without smule we wouldn’t have found each other. Strangers has become Souls. Thank you Smule!!!!
Written by JeaneAlexius
Group: T_A_P