CommunitySmule User Spotlight: Jon

Smule User Spotlight: Jon


Smule User Spotlight: Jon

Jon is a new(er) member to Smule, but that doesn’t make him newbie. He is a huge part of the community as he is connected with many groups like Sing Republic, who Alimone_SR is also apart of. She says, “Jon has been such a great friend and musical inspiration since I met him. He’s so supportive of his sing ‘family’ and truly loves being able to share his love for music with so many other talented singers on the app. He also surprises me with how versatile he is. One minute he’s singing Sinatra and the next he’s jamming out to some Aerosmith! I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Smule meet up in February and he blew my socks off with his live karaoke performances! Truly a wonderful guy.”

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Favorite Performance:

It’s always super hard to choose a favorite performance on the app, but it has to be with @ALimone_SR. Her amazing voice, grit and love she puts into singing is incredible! We just did a cover of “Love In An Elevator” by Aerosmith and rocked it!! It gave us a chance to step out of our comfort zone and shred an 80s tune!

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Fun Fact about you:

I’m a huge nerd! My favorite movie(s) are the Back To The Future Trilogy and Star Wars Movies. I collect comics, play video games and have been known to visit a Comic-Con or two.

What makes you excited to Sing:

The fact that I can sing with others around the world makes my heart happy! I’ve met people on here that are not just friends – they are my family.

Thank you to Sing Republic, Music1st, Novus and One Love for allowing me to join their Sing! family!

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Well, I would want to be Deadpool! Witty, funny, nuts and can kick butt! Also, can regenerate. I can’t die! lol