This year, during July, the 3rd Season of the singing competition “Smule World Championship 2018” took place. 48 official teams were introduced, 24 per version and every team with 10 members or more. Some teams were already known and some others were new. A fun competition and with high expectations due the new registered teams, one of them: NiTRO.



Being this the first appearance in SWC, the team “NiTRO”, formed by: Mike, Osmar, Bernardo, Neko, Kelly, Elita, Jean Paul, Marie, Lina, Luna, Sheila, Mini, Rebeca, Nathy, Juan y Jacqueline, started from week 1 with the highest score in the Spanish version of the competition, being constantly chased by its contestant rival, the team: STRADIVARIUS (SVU), which, at the end, was defeated in the final round. And with this victory, they finally obtained the title of “Champion” for the Spanish version.

In the other and, in the English version, the last year Champion was determined to defend its title, but this was not easy for them. There was a rival with a lot of experience, participating in this competition since 2016, and this team was decided to finally crown itself as the new Champion. This team was “SING ARSA” (SINGA); which, from week 1, competed side by side with the ex -Champion “DVOCALIST SUPERB” (DVS), and both got into the finals for the English version, having as result, the victory for the team SINGA.

An absolute Champion had to be crowned between the Champion of the Spanish version “NiTRO” and the Champion of the English version “SINGA”. And, to make this Global Final more entertaining and epic, for first time, they faced this final round with a song in video mode, where the team “NiTRO” rose up with the title of absolute Champion. It was a very hard and entertained battle, where the winner was the music.



NiTRO proved to be one of the strongest contestants of this season and, possibly, one of the best teams in the history of the competition. The team stayed week after week and until the final round, as the first place of the general scores of the Spanish version, and even surpassing the scores of the teams of the English version, achieving an important and distinguished milestone.



Congratulations to the new absolute Champion of SWC 2018: Nitro, for achieving such performance.



First of all I would like to thank to all the organizers and collaborators of this season of SWC 2018, which are also the Administration Team of the Community Latin Voices: Sue, Kerenha, Rash, Leyriyam, Nicky, Yen, Pamela, Rakelita, Jessica. For proving that they are the best organization, highlighting the great team work and getting as a result a total success for this competition. Second, I would like to thank to the judges: Blanca, Tiana, Mariela, Tere, Lily, Ferchu, Migue, Yahiris, Javi, Neiiyaa, Rosmari, Nando, Whanda, Agus, Grace, Aneuri, Yarita, Jordanno, Hellen, Anne, Gabb, Mr. Boss, Hayles, Prissy, Laura, Jenni, Jonas, Lauren, Crissy, Willy, Josh, Sergio y Raina, all of them scored and constantly advised to the participants to improved their vocal quality. Finally, I’d like to thank to all the team leaders of the teams that, week after week, informed and passed all the details to the members of the teams. A responsibility worth to mention and value.


Thank you so much to all the teams, for being part of this musical celebration.

We’re looking forward for SWC 2019 and we expect to see you all again next year!


Thank you very much.


Diego Paul

Founder of Latin Voices SC, Smule Peru & Creator of SWC.



For all the team who are interested in participating in future seasons of Smule World Championship (SWC), you can message us through our: