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Andreas gave us some useful ‘Meetup Tips’ during the first Smule YouTube live

Andreas’s Smule story

Andreas, or @HerbAndri (as most of you know him) is a dedicated Smule user. He is German but he was born and raised in Spain. Andreas has been on Smule since 2016 and Smule has become a big part of his life. He actively uses Smule every day and Smule is his number one hobby. He especially loves the Smule community.

“Community is what makes Smule special,” commented Andi.

Andreas and the Smule community

Andreas has traveled around the world, visiting Australia, America and New Zealand, where he met the people part of the Smule community members.

Find out more about some useful ‘Meetup Tips’ Andreas gave during the first Smule YouTube live .

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Smule’s Best of 2019 Picks!


It’s that time of year again – the time to reflect on all of the great things that happened over the past year. What better way to celebrate than to look back on all of the amazing “Sing with the Artist” duets we have featured on Smule!

We are pleased to announce the annual release of our Best of 2019 list in the app. Log in or download Smule to sing a duet with some of your favorite Partner Artists of 2019.

Check out our Best of 2019 picks in Smule today!

SmuleFest 2016


Last year, we held our first SmuleFest where we came together to celebrate our love for music and community. It was a special time for Smule as we hosted over 700 people to enjoy an evening of music, singing and dancing with T-Pain, Tony Lucca, and Todd Carey. Check out our recap video!

This year, we are proud and excited to announce we our hosting our SECOND SmuleFest  – SmuleFest 2016, featuring performances by multi-talented superstar Jason Derulo and Smule community’s own Tom Bleasby! The event will be held at Public Works in San Francisco. Tickets are free while they last and the first drink is on us if you’re early. So make sure to RSVP to get your ticket here!

Tom Bleasby:

Tom Bleasby has been a Smule user since 2012. Outside of the Smule community, he is known  for his video duet with Jessie J, which quickly went viral and landed him a guest spot on Ellen. Tom was also a contestant on X Factor 2015. We are excited for him to be our first community member to be featured at SmuleFest!

Jason Derulo:

Yup. You read correctly. We are absolutely thrilled that Jason Derulo will be performing at SmuleFest 2016! Singer, songwriter, dancer, Jason Derulo now has eleven career platinum singes, and you can come see him live at SmuleFest! Read more about Jason here or sing with him on Smule here!

Sing “Juicy Wiggle” with RedFoo

Sing “Juicy Wiggle” with RedFoo


RedFoo is an American rapper, dancer and record producer. He is better known from LMFAO with his partner Sky Blu. The two of them came together and released their song “Party Rock Anthem” which peaked at number 1 on billboard top charts in USA, Canada, UK and over 10 other countries.

Today on Smule Sing! Karaoke RedFoo from LMFAO comes back with his new single “Juicy Wiggle” from Alvin and the Chipmunks! So put on your dancing shoes and rock on! 🙂

Sing! with Redfoo Here! 


Sing! Karaoke by Smule on Apple TV



This is huge!

Well, actually, it fits in the palm of your hands, but our excitement is huge!  Sing! Karaoke is now on the new Apple TV!  Imagine the party you could host for your Smule Local Meet up!

Sing! for Apple TV is not just the existing mobile app modified for the big screen, but an entirely new experience in social singing designed specifically for Apple TV and the living room. Sing! not only transforms Apple TV into a high-octane karaoke machine, it invites a world of singers into your home.

Have a party, have a meet up! When you’re ready, select your song, then swipe the Touch remote to virtually travel around the globe and find someone from the Smule community to sing with. Just like you can on your phone, you can duet alongside celebrity Smule Partner Artists on Apple TV like Jason Derulo, Luke Bryan, Jessie J and many more!

Want a mic? Use your phone!  Download Sing! for the iPhone and connect it to your Apple TV over Wi-Fi to use your phone as a mic. You can adjust reverb and volume controls while singing. Multiple iPhones can be connected to the Apple TV – up to 2 people can use their phones as mics, while others can queue up songs on the party playlist. Choose from the ever growing Songbook, currently containing more than 100,000 songs from just about every genre and style of music.

To celebrate the launch, Smule is offering all Apple TV users unlimited access to all songs within the Sing! app for a limited time. So, download Sing! from the App Store on your Apple TV and try it out today!

Tips and Support FAQ


Call Me (Acoustic Cover)


Download Sing! today and join the global community.
Download Now. iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id509993510?pt=13625&ct=smuleblog&mt=8
Android: http://p.smule.com/u/2b53c1f0