ProductTuesday Tips: Best Microphone Set-Up

Tuesday Tips: Best Microphone Set-Up



Best Overall: iPhone earbuds with mic

We asked 25 of some of the most active users on Sing! and 70% of them opted for iPhone or native earbuds for the best overall sound, convenience and consistency!  


“I’ve used all sorts of earbuds with mics… From Skull Candy to Beats to Bose… Apple earbuds have been hands down the most consistent on providing the best sound quality. What also plays a factor into your sound quality, outside of the equipment you use, is the placement of the mic (in front of me works best for me) as well as the acoustics in the room you record in. Try to find a room with as little echo as possible so that you get a more clear, crisp sound :)” –Annah_TV


You might also want to try the built-in mic on your phone:


“I’ve tried a few mics to try to see if my sound quality improves, and only 2 things work for me. They are the Apple ear buds that came with my phone and the built-in mic in my iPhone. When I use my built-in iPhone mic, I just need some cheap $10 ear buds, but they have to be ear buds only with no mic.” –Ailina_

But, sometimes, this doesn’t work for us, or we want to try something different to optimize for the best sound your voice has to offer.


Other quality mics:

“I opted for the Bluestark as external mic only for when I need to get a sound with more bass. But the fact that it connects through the lighting-cable is drains a lot of battery.So I prefer to stick to the regular earpods, they have the best rendition anyway when used correctly.” – Laura_tv

“If i am in a hurry Apple earbud is my go to mic, but if you wanna try something fancier here’s the trick, buy a tascam microphone interface (price around $50) then you can use any dynamic/condenser mic to connect it to your phone (i use shure sm58 dynamic mic) = see how big of Smerd (smule nerd) i am 😂😂😂” – Weezerden

“If you want to use a studio mic you can use the iRig pre and a headphone and you’re ready to go”  – SonnySinay

Placement is also important:

“I use the apple earbuds, but I find more important than the device is where you place the mic! I hold mine out in front of me because I feel it gives the most crisp and clear sound ☺️ experiment with placement and find what works best for you!” –JeffreyAKG_TV