ProductSmule Tuesday Tips – How to film better angles

Smule Tuesday Tips – How to film better angles

Smule Tuesday Tips – how to film better angles?

Smule Tuesday Tips is part of a new program that we are super excited to be launching today: Smule Inspire. Through shared performances, tips, guest blog posts by veteran users, we hope that Smule Inspire will do just as its name implies: inspire all users in the community – to connect, collaborate, and create music together … ultimately to have the best experience possible on Smule.

Smule Tuesday Tips and Smule community tips

Many of us find amazing videos from the community where it’s clear they aren’t holding the phone in front of them. They are dancing, creating a full-body shot, or have other ways of setting up the camera more than just holding it in front of the face. Our Smule Inspire team shares their insight on the best ways to get creative with camera angles without destroying audio quality!

The best part is – there is still more to explore. So if you have any innovative ways

“Selfiestick” – Nadine


“If you’re using apple ear buds with the built in mic (or really any ear buds with the built in mic) you should not notice any difference in quality based on your proximity to your actual phone or tablet. The acoustics of the room you sing in, coupled with the FX you choose will have the greatest impact on overall sound quality. Try your car, try a room with hard floors, try a room with soft carpet, just experiment and see what gives you the best sound that you want.” Hoonhans_DavidK

“The most common example of this I can see is the partner artist recordings, they use headphones without a mic, stand away and still get a great sound. I think this scenario is what the question is referring to.” – JeffreyAKG_TV

I actually just bought a headphone jack extender at Radio shack… haven’t tried it yet, but they exist.” – tamara_hope

“Using headphones with a mic (versus using the mic on your device) is the first step to getting clear sound when moving or turning away from the camera.
Propping your phone up a bit higher than normal and angling it down at you will make more of your body fit in the frame. Headphone jack extenders are great as well but In my experience not all are created equal so read reviews to see if the sound quality will be good before purchasing.” –JDubDav

“I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this yet but the amount that you could fit into view on your videos differs if you’re using an iPhone vs an iPad. If you use an iPad you could fit more of your body into view because it’s a wider angle lens. If you’re using your iPhone you’re probably only going to get your head and shoulders. That’s just what I found.” – Dearhead

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