#Events WinnersWinners of Sing With Disney on Smule
Sing With Disney

Winners of Sing With Disney on Smule

With great pride and joy, today we celebrate the resounding success of the Sing With Disney campaign on Smule and extend our congratulations to the winners who have captivated us all with their enchanting performances!

Throughout the campaign’s duration, voices from all corners of the globe came together on the Smule platform to showcase their love for Disney’s timeless melodies. From the stirring tunes of classic animated films to the contemporary hits that have won the hearts of newer generations, each participant infused their unique flair and passion into the renditions, leaving us truly mesmerized.With that being said, it’s time to roll out the playlist from our most recent winners of #SingWithDisney!

Winners of Sing With Disney on Smule

Congratulations to the following winners:

  1. mayhmm888
  2. KristinaPerna
  3. _flightlessangel
  4. amber_sunshine
  5. _JeremyHall69_
  6. MF_TS_Rita
  7. EPIC_Christa_AB
  8. SandySongbird
  9. KiwiDoody
  10. _42hillarymead
  11. _P_Hizzy
  12. _IAM_StineE
  13. craggleprice
  14. anjeliaa_25
  15. BrittanySongbird
  16. mrcrawzy

Watch the video below featuring winning performances, or check out the full playlist here: