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Smule Local Meet Up 2015

Smule Local Meet Up 2015 

smule local

Smule meet ups are very special to the Smule community because it forms another more tangible way of connecting people through music. Most Sing!ers sing, connect, and get to know each other through the app on Smule. Meet ups can make those connections stronger, and well they’re also just a lot of fun. But, with life being so busy, it’s not always easy to plan and get them going.

Soooo, we thought we’d give everyone a nudge and create a day for Smulers to organize and host a Smule meet up to celebrate singing and connections live and in person with other local users! The response was awesome!

On November 7th, 2015, Smulers all over the world got together to attend a local meet up, all on the same day. There were well over 1,000 participants who collaborated, sang, ate, shared stories, danced, etc. Over the course of the event, people took part in Smule meet ups in over 50 cities across Asia, USA, Europe and Canada!

Check out all the participating cities in the photo, continue organizing meet ups, and stay tuned for more large-scale Smule meet up events in the future!

“I had an amazing time meeting everyone. It felt like we’ve known each other all our lives. It didn’t matter if you’re young or old,  we all had something in common: we all love singing! Can’t wait for the next meetup!!” – Lester, UK

“It was because of the hard works of all coordinators and the cooperation of all participants, we succeeded in holding meet ups in up to 17 cities in Indonesia. So props to all of them smile emoticon” – Ariyanti, Indonesia

“I have met long time friends and friends for life from this meet up!” – Sara, Canada


Announcing The Smule Artist Program

Announcing The Smule Artist Program

Bright Antenna is First Label Partner

Smule today is thrilled to announce the launch of our Artist Program – created by musicians, for musicians.

Smule’s community of 20 million active fans provide a unique platform for artists looking to advance their careers, whether they are are already established or just emerging on the scene. Through the Artist Program, we work directly with artists and their management teams to handcraft campaigns that help them find new fans among Smule’s 20 million active community members and engage with their existing fans on mobile platforms in ways that are fun and interactive. Best of all, the program is currently free to artists who participate.

“Through early artist relationships, we saw the genuine and authentic interactions between artists and fans. Such interactions weren’t possible on other networks,” said Jeannie Yang, Chief Product & Design Officer at Smule. “We realized we needed to open the program up because there’s something very fun and rewarding here for both artists and their fans.”

We are debuting the program with our inaugural label partner, Bright Antenna, home to hot indie bands such as Flagship, The Wombats and Beware of Darkness.

“People say the music industry is dead. It’s not, and Smule epitomizes why,” said Scott Schumaker, Managing Partner of Bright Antenna. “Their users are passionate, engaged music lovers, just like we are at Bright Antenna, and their apps are some of the best tools for music discovery and for fan engagement that we’ve come across yet.”

Read on to find out more about the Smule Artist Program.

Through the Artist Program, Flagship will release three songs in Smule’s catalog. The band has also recorded a performance of their single, “Are You Calling,” into Smule’s Sing! Karaoke app. Fans will be able to join Flagship to record a duet with the band.

The Smule Artist Program evolved from an organic relationship Smule has built over the years with entertainment brands and individual artists who made up our intrepid early adopters. We’ve worked with well known talent – including OK Go, The Gregory Brothers, Austin Mahone, T-Pain, Lady Antebellum and Fox’s “Glee.” And we’ve partnered with emerging artists such as Con Bro Chill, Todd Carey, Guy Lockard and Dan Godlin. Our collaboration with the hot emerging band Con Bro Chill to promote the release of their song, “Power Happy” led to a spike in their music video views of 300,000 viewers in three months.

“Smule has been HUGE for our band and promoting our music. We love the genuine kind of exposure they give us,” said Con Bro Chill’s Connor Martin. “They actually get people interacting with your music. Instead of forcing a song, or video down people’s throats, they invite the user to be in the band and be apart of the music. Other than having a person attend our live shows, I’ve seen no better way to convert a person to our music than Smule’s apps.”

Todd Carey, whose hit single “Nintendo” debuted on Smule’s Sing! and Magic Piano, attributed the song’s 300% sales boost largely to his collaboration with Smule. “Smule and ‘Nintendo’ turned out to be a knockout combo,” Carey said.

We are excited to be able to build upon these seminal experiences and launch a formal program today to support independent musicians and help grow their careers. To learn more about our earlier collaborations with artists, check out the list of articles at the bottom of this page.

If you are an artist and want to work with Smule, we want to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself here, and we will be in touch.

Here are some examples of our previous collaborations with artists:

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