ProductConnectivity Issues with Smule App

Connectivity Issues with Smule App

Do you experience connectivity issues with Smule?

Some people have been having connectivity issues with Smule. We’re sorry if you’ve been experiencing this issue, but we want you to know that we are working on a solution.

Meanwhile, here’s how you can fix the connectivity issue on your own!

Step 1: Go to Application Manager

Step 2: Find and select the Smule app

Step 3: Under “Storage” tap “Clear Data” (“Clear Cache” is not sufficient)

Step 4: Tap “Force Stop” (if not available, move on to step 5)

Step 5: Re-launch the app

If you can’t find Application Manager, here’s how to try to resolve the connectivity issues:

Step 1: Go to Settings 

Step 2: Applications

Step 3: Application Manager (or just Settings -> Apps on some devices).

This should help with any network errors you might have experienced at the startup of the app.

Do you still have connectivity issues?

Please let us know if you continue to encounter any problems.

Thanks for being part of the Smule community,

If you experience any other connectivity issues with Smule 

Feel free to contact our support team:

Smule Team