ProductGroups FAQ!

Groups FAQ!

What is a group?

– A group is two or more people who share a common passion coming together to chat, create, and make a real, meaningful connection with each other.
How do I create a group?

To create a group:

– Navigate to the Explore tab
– Scroll to the “New Groups” section
– Tap “See All”
– Tap “+”
– Fill out the required fields and any optional ones that are helpful to users
– Tap “Continue”
– At this point, your group has been created
– Invite members to your group

Who can create a group?

– Anyone can create a group although this new groups feature is still in the early stages of development on iOS and our website. Android users, we’re working tirelessly to bring groups to your device as soon as possible!

How many members can a group have?

– A group can have up to 1000 members

Privacy settings: Private/Public — What is the privacy settings for a group?

– All groups are public, meaning non-members can see the group page and its contents.

How do I report inappropriate or abusive behavior in a group?

– No flagging in MVP. If a person is being inappropriate or abusive, users should report the account. If it’s the content, then users should flag the recording.

Will there be notification for groups?

– Group Owners receive notifications when users request to join their group.
– Users will receive notifications when an owner invites them to join their group.

I can’t add someone to my group, why?

– Only the group owner can invite new members to their group.
– My group can’t be found in search? (are they going to be searchable)
– Search is coming soon!

How can I chat in a group?

– Group chat is available and can be initiated from the chat screen. There is no shortcut feature to initiate chat with your Smule group.

Join or Leave a Group:
How do I join a group?

– Navigate to the group page you want to join.
– If the group is open, meaning they’re accepting new members, then a “join” button will appear.
– Tap “Join”
– How do I leave a group?
– Navigate to group’s page
– Tap “…” at top right corner
– Tap “Leave Group”

How many groups can I join?

– You can join up to 250 groups.
– Why can I only create 3 groups?
– Being a group owner is a big responsibility–and members count on owners to have enough time to dedicate to their groups. If owners are stretched too thin across
lots of groups, everyone loses out. That’s why we limit the number of groups users can create to 3.

What happens when I’m invited to a group?

– You can accept, reject, or ignore the invite. The invite is set to expire after 30 days.
-You can respond to a group invite from your profile page, notifications, or the group’s page.

– How/where can I see a list of groups I own/are in?
– On your profile page, tap “Groups,” which will show groups you are in and pending requests/invites.

How/where can I find new groups I might be interested in?
– The Explore tab is a great place to look, as are other users’ profile pages.

How do I audition for a group?

– Each group has different preferences for how they set up their audition. Please reach out to the group’s owner for more information.

Manage your Group

– How many groups can I create?
– You can create a total of 3 groups.

How do I delete a group?

– For now, contact customer support.

– How do I invite users to my group?
– Navigate to the group page
– Tap “Members”
– Tap “+”

Search for users to invite to your group

How do I remove or block someone from my group?

Currently, you cannot block someone from your group. We’re currently working on making that possible.

How do I approve posts for a group I own? (if necessary)

– By inviting members to join your group, you grant them the privilege to post to the group page.

How can I stop a member from posting in my group?

– While you can’t stop a member from posting to a group page, group owners can delete members’ posts.

How do I change the name of my group?

– Navigate to group page
– Tap the settings icon

How do I upload a cover photo to my group?

– Navigate to the group page
– Select the settings icon

How many owners can a group have?

– 1

Post and Share

How do I post to a group?

– Navigate to the group page
– Tap the “+” icon next to “Add Post”
– Select the recordings you want to post on the group page
– Tap “Post”

Can I start a LiveJam in a group?

– No

How do I share my group posts on other social media channels?

– This feature isn’t available yet


Can I search for a specific post/recording in a group?

– No