Community#GVContest Round-UP: Week 2

#GVContest Round-UP: Week 2

#GVContest Round-UP: Week 2 

We have seen so many incredible performances throughout the past 2 weeks – talented, creative, funny, and breathtaking. Check out some talented groups below and all entries here!

To enter, follow our instructions here.


Members from the group Singtopia formed together to perform a good ol’ classic form the movie “Rent”! Kudos!


Well done mash up with “Survivor” and “I Will Survive” by the Smule group Gleek! Great performance. Keep it up, Gleek!

“I would like to thank our group members that performed in this group video. We love our Team Gleek and we are honored to be chosen for the Blog. We tried our best to mix up the song and made it fun. #TEAMGLEEK” – GLEEK_GALE



14 singers perform “My Heart Will Go On” together on Sing! PuuShein, the singer who started off the group video, said, “Thank you all for doing a great job in creating this group video. You all are amazing!” And it’s true. Find out more below!