Hello Smule Community,

As we shared last week, we’ve built a new audio-only version of LiveJam, called Sing Live, that addresses many of the concerns we collectively share. We appreciate all of your passionate and spirited input. All of us care greatly about the Smule community, and our vision of connecting people through music. We know that people across the world have embraced singing amidst the suffering and tragedy – a reflection, perhaps, of our common deep humanity and love for one another.

We have decided to pause the plans to release the audio-only version and will continue to support the current video version while we iterate. We would love your input as we work out a better solution. If you would like to help beta test a future version – with audio and video – prior to release, please sign up here. Sign up closes on 5/23/20.

We are confident by working together, we can build an even safer and more supportive place for all of us to create music with one another.

Thanks everyone. Keep well.

Smule Community Team