ProductMessage Now Available on Sing!

Message Now Available on Sing!


Sing! is more than singing, it’s about connecting with people all over the world through sharing your voice and a mutual love of music. Singing with another person, no matter who they are or where they live, sparks a connection that we believe is personal, special and crosses all boundaries. However, until now, it’s been difficult to turn that special connection into a dialogue.  In order to “talk” to someone, you had to use comments and 3rd party applications, which made it hard for you to use Sing! to collaborate on singing.

But no longer – Now introducing Message on Sing!

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Message is a new feature on Sing that allows singers to connect with each other via 1:1 and group chat, letting you easily keep up with the people you love to collaborate with.

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You can also send out invites and share covers as messages!

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To protect your privacy, messages from singers you don’t follow are sorted under “Other” in your message center and you will not receive notifications about them. You can also block specific users from messaging you at all.

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To further control when you receive notifications, you can either turn on/off notifications for a chat under its Chat Details or turn on/off all chat notifications under the Sing! settings page. The Sing! settings page is also where you can turn on/off read receipts, which show users you’ve read their messages.

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You can learn more details at Please email us at if you have any questions or suggestions!

With Sing! Message, we hope you will sing more than ever and connect more easily with your Sing! friends all over the world.