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Smule Challenge RnB

Next Smule Challenge: RnB

Smule Challenges give you a new way to have fun singing and connecting with the community! Every other Friday, Smule will feature a playlist of the best performances from the latest Challenge! It’s time to unveil a brand new playlist for the past theme and announce the next Smule Challenge: RnB.

Smule App Playlist From The #AcousticChallenge   

For the past two weeks, we’ve asked you to sing to your favorite acoustic arrangements and showcase your pure talent to a pure sound.

It’s clear there is a lot of talent on Smule! These are just a few of the featured performances:

Check out the full Smule Challenges playlist in the Explore screen on Smule or tap here

Sing On Smule With The #RnBChallenge

RnB music combines soulful singing and a strong backbeat. Besides being a rich genre on its own, RnB also directly influenced the popularization of Rock&Roll. 

Since the 1960s, RnB as a term has started to encompass a variety of genres like soul, funk, disco, and rap.

For the RnB Smule Challenge, we invite you to sing whether you’ve got the rhythm or the blues. Just select your favorite RnB songs and showcase your soulful voices to captivating beats. 

Ten of you will be featured in our #RnBChallenge playlist on April 23rd, when we will also announce a new theme. 

1. Sing to any RnB arrangements in the Smule Songbook.

2. Add the hashtag #RnBChallenge to your performance.

3. Upload your performance by Tuesday, April 20th, 11:00 PM PST.

4. Optional: Share your performance to Facebook with #Smule to boost your chance to be featured.

Tap here to enter the #RnBChallenge now!

1. Performance creativity

Performances with more engagement are more likely to win, so encourage your friends and followers to join, favorite, gift, and tap love on your performance to increase your chances of being chosen.

Talking about engagement, you can show some love to other #RnBChallenge performances with our dedicated RnB gift, available during the challenge. 

1. A featured performance in the dedicated Smule Challenges playlist, seen by millions of users.

2. A featured post on the Smule Blog.

We will choose and showcase featured performances bi-weekly on Fridays, highlighting the selection for two weeks.

We can’t wait to hear your creations!