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Smackathon 2014

Smackathon 2014

Every year at Smule, we sound the horns of Smackathon, our homegrown version of the hackathon. The goal is simple: Come up with a product idea and build it.

This year, on April 16th, we continued this honored tradition. For 48 hours, 23 of our top developers and designers brainstormed, designed, hacked, “smacked” and polished their ideas, shaping them into reality.

This year’s competition was vicious, and the teams pulled out all the stops. We heard mad rhymes from Team AutoRap On The Bus, glorious mashups from Team Smashup, and witnessed Team Autofinger demonstrate a fully functioning robotic finger that would point out productivity in the office. With so many outstanding projects, our judges had to deliberate for hours to select winners.

Read on to find out which projects won awards, as well as summaries of the projects. In the coming weeks, we’ll tell you more about individual project and introduce you to the brains behind them.

Do you think our judges got it right? Put in your vote to tell us which ones you feel deserve to rule the Smuleniverse!

Drums – Winner: Best Vision

  • Description: “Sweet musical drum app that lets you play along to your favorite songs, even if you have no rhythm”
  • Team Members: Jon Moldover, Randal Leistikow, Amanda Chaudhury, Devin Smith, David Young, Nicole Borrelli, Oscar Corral, and Yana Kunitskaya. Special thanks to Anthony Urso, Turner Kirk and Nick Kruge.

Smash Up – Winner: Best Use of Content

  • Description: App that lets you mash your favorite songs in real time
  • Team Members: Joel Davis, Ian Siparsky

Sing on the bus – Winner: Best Audio

  • Description: App that allows you to sing songs, with your finger. Are you curious?
  • Team Member: Ian Simon

Smule Fabric – Winner: Best in Show

  • Description: Smule set in a fully interactive 3D world
  • Team Member: Nick Rudolfsky

Chuck Teaches Singing – Winner: Most Completed Hack

  • Description: Website where Office Celebrity/Product Designer Chuck Espelata teaches users to sing in a fun, interactive 8-bit game
  • Team Members: Ben Hersh, Hanna Beaton, Xi Xiang, Oscar Corral

AutoRap on the bus

  • Description: App that allows you to create mad rhymes through a series of suggested words/phrases on Autorap
  • Team Members: Mark Godfrey, Mike Allen

Sing Voting

  • Description: Hot or Not style voting mechanism on Sing! Karake
  • Team Members: Greg Thompson, Shaelyn Johnson

AutoRap Me

  • Description: Functionality that translates Tweets into raps in Autorap
  • Team Members: Svilen Ivanov, Mark Godfrey


  • Description: Real time map that shows users close to you on Sing!
  • Team Member: Chris Yao

Super Globe

  • Description: Real time globe on a web browser that shows recent user activities in Sing!
  • Team Members: Jeannie Yang, Chris Yao

Magic VITA Piano (MVP)

  • Description: Magic Piano transported to the PS VITA
  • Team Members: Mark Cerqueira, Josh Wu

Magic Finger

  • Description: Fully functional robotic finger that would point out productivity in the office
  • Team Member: Greg Laabs

– Zhen Liu, Smule Community Manager