CommunitySmackathon, day one. Mood, awesome.

Smackathon, day one. Mood, awesome.

Smackathon, day one. Mood, awesome.

The theme, waves, was announced at 5PM today. Immediately after, everyone broke into groups and stormed some brains.

Last minute dinner orders were successful, aside from the two hour wait.

After enough brains, we reconvened as a group and pitched ideas. Concepts ranged from karaoke battles to drum circle apps(and one team plans to make America great again).

Once teams were formed, Michael Berger and the content team wasted no time getting to work on a 100% recycled vuvuzela/didgeridoo .

Parker stayed close to ensure bandwidth was used appropriately. Meanwhile, digital hacking began! Chuck was heads down, starting designs for his team’s electronic DJ app, Nick was researching all things waves, Team America was saving our country, and Mike was flow(doc)in’ like I’ve never seen before.

By the end of the evening we had celebrated a birthday(e.g. Lynn), and laid the ground work for some amazing prototypes!

All in all, a great first night! Well done everyone!

Smuleans around the globe(but mostly in Bulgaria) are still smacking as of this moment! So stay tuned for more substantial updates tomorrow as these projects begin to take shape! Cya!