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Smule New Year New Me Challenge

Smule New Year New Me Challenge, Sponsored by Hama

As you may already know, Smule Challenges give you a new, fun-filled way to sing and connect with other members of the Smule community. It’s time to announce the new Smule New Year New Me Challenge! By participating you will have a chance to win 50 pairs of 2-in-1 “Passion Turn” headphones that turn into speakers sponsored by Hama!

Sing for the Smule New Year New Me Challenge

Set the tone for 2023 for our new #NewYearNewMe Challenge! Join the Challenge for a chance to win 1 of the 50 ‘Passion Turn’, the headphones that transform into a loudspeaker with one quick action, sponsored by Hama! At least ten of you will also be featured on our playlist, socials, and SmuleGlobal in four weeks.

How can I participate in the Smule New Year New Me Challenge for a chance to win?

  • Create a video/audio performance to the songs in our promo page or a song you choose.
  • Add the hashtag #NewYearNewMe to your performance or join one with it.
  • Upload your performance by Tuesday, January 31st, at 11:00 PM PST.
  • The more performances you tag with #NewYearNewMe, the better your chances of being featured will be!
  • CHALLENGE HACK: Boost your chances even more by sharing your #NewYearNewMe performances to social media with the hashtag #Smule!

Click here to enter the #NewYearNewMe Challenge!

What’s the submission selection team looking for?

  • Creativity – Your performance is the perfect way to get creative!
  • High engagement – Performances with lots of views and comments are more likely to win, so encourage your friends and followers to show some love!

Speaking of high engagement, you can spread some cheer to other #NewYearNewMe entrants by sending them our dedicated gift.

What can I win?

Tap here for the #NewYearNewMe Contest Terms.

We can’t wait to hear your creations!