CommunitySmule User Spotlight: Maria

Smule User Spotlight: Maria

Smule User Spotlight: Maria

This week’s Smule User Spotlight goes to the incredible Maria Sings! Maria has been a backbone of the Sing! community for a couple of years now as one of the leaders in Singtopia (alongside with the phenomenal Singtopia admins and creators: AdrianSings, NikkiSongs, iElyssHarmony and iMezlopes_PGS), a well-known, diverse Sing! community. Maria is extremely talented and expresses her passion for music in her recordings. We appreciate everything she does to enrich the Smule experience!

We also wanted to mention that Maria’s birthday was yesterday. We all wish her a very happy birthday and hope her week is just as amazing as she is!

Join her open calls here!

Favorite Song: 

I have so many favorite songs, but the one that stays dear to me is from Disney’s “Frozen”: “Let It Go”! My family loves Disney, and, when this movie came out, my kids were singing it all day long. I figured I would give it a try and fell in love with the song and its message.

Fun Fact: 

One fact about me…well, how about a few little ones? Although many of you see me as one of the leaders of the community within Singtopia, I spend most of my time with my three little kids as a stay-at-home mom. I graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy and practiced and taught as a clinical pharmacist. I am 100% Greek and love everything about my culture, from Greek dancing, music, and language to pretty much cooking almost all Greek food. I do enjoy working, but out ONLY if it is zumba, yoga or a hip-hop class. Anything else…forget about it. I know this may come across as a shock, but I am a die-hard New Kids on The Block fan! Yes, I am! I grew up watching football, and my favorite team is the Cleveland Browns…I know, right? All in all, I am pretty laid back and passionate about the Sing! community, and I hope we can all look toward the positive in our lives and live life to the fullest!

What makes you excited to sing?

Since I was a young girl, all I wanted to do was sing. All throughout my school age years, I was in chorus, show choir, and musicals, and I also played the violin. When I attended college, the first thing I did was enroll in university choir. It was in my blood – I love to express myself through music.

When life got busy, somehow the music went away. I missed that rush of singing and being able to relax and enjoy the music. It wasn’t until my kids were born that I was able to bring it back into my life. Every night being able to sing to them brought back that feeling in me.

The amazing Sing! app came along and this is when the rush came back and my excitement went through the roof! YES! I get to record not only my voice for my family and friends but I also got a chance to sing with such amazing talent all across the world! Many nights, I hide away in my closet, not to wake anyone up, and just sing my heart out into the early morning sometimes! Music is so inspirational, full of emotion and calming. Singing has become my outlet, stress reliever and my getaway all at the same time.

If you could be a superhero, what would your super powers be?

Wow, let’s see! Since I am a mom, I would like to snap my fingers and have the dishes and laundry done, with a clean house and dinner on the table. I can dream, right? I also would love to have super brain power to work through some of these tough medical conditions that are out there. Time travel would be amazing, as I would love to go back through history and also share those moments with my kids! If I could fly, I would travel the world!!