ProductSmule App Updates

Smule App Updates


We are adding a new way for you to invite your friends to join your open calls.  With the update today, you now have two ways to invite singers to join your open call.

After saving your open call, you can decide who you want to invite and how you want to invite them.

1. Want to invite all your followers to your open call? Save your open call as public and then turn on the switch to send invites to all your followers.  And guess what?  All your followers will receive a public invite from you, there is no limit.

2. Want to send invites only to your close friends, or invite singers to a private performance? No problem. Select from the list of singers you follow to send them a direct invite, same way you have before.  There is still a 500 person limit.

There is also a new way to view your invites.  On your “Invites” screen, you can choose between “Public Invites” and “Direct Invites”.

Public Invites are invites from singers you’re following who have invited all their followers. Direct Invites are invites sent directly to you from singers who are following you.

Sometimes, you might see the same invite appear on both the “Public Invites” and “Direct Invites” section.  This could happen when you are following each other and the singer wanted to send a Public Invite to all his/her followers (which includes you!) as well as directly inviting you.

Try it out and let us know what you think!  We will be working on improving the invites even more, so please send us feedback as we build towards making it easier to control whose invites you want to see and having more people join your open calls!