CommunitySmuleSpotlight: Chris_TV

SmuleSpotlight: Chris_TV


SmuleSpotlight: Chris_TV

Chris_TV is an exceptionally talented singer based out of Louisiana and surely knows how to harmonize. Chris joined the community a little over a year ago where has has already made over 25 THOUSAND performances– not sure if we can even count that high 😛 It’s no surprise that every song he contributes to is a masterpiece. He is also apart of many groups, such as the following: #TheVoices|#SoulfireArtist|#VTX|#M1 #TMB


Learn more about him below, or sing with him here!


Username and real name (If you want):


Favorite Performance:

One of my favorite duets since I’ve joined smule has to be this acoustic versions of Britney Spears “Toxic”, which one of the 1st times that @Valli_TV joined me. She’s amazing

Fun Fact about you:

When I was 16, I won the “Essence Idol” competition, at the Essence Music Festical which is held annually in New Orleans, Louisiana. Because I won, I was able to meet Stevie Wonder & Luther Vandross. And those are two singers who have heavily influenced my style of singing. It was an amazing experience


What makes you excited to Sing:

Singing in general is a way for me to express myself in ways that aren’t possible with just talking. It’s more emotional and allows to me connect with what I’m feeling in a deeper way. Also, I’m always excited to organize/sing on groups songs with my Smule group, TheVoices.. We have an amazing collection of some of the best talent on smule, and singing/creating music with them motivates me to be the best I can be vocally, and forces me to push my creativity to the max! They’re amazingly talented, and even better as people. I’m happy to call each of them my friends


If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Probably teleporting. I’m not too keen on traveling, so it would be much easier to just immediately teleport myself to where my destination of travel would be!


Who is your biggest inspiration?

Without question, my father. He’s a fairly well known blues musician in my state of Louisiana. He’s helped shape who I am musically, and as a man. He’s a great person, and one of the most talented people I’ve ever been around.