ProductTuesday Tips: Expanding Vocal Range

Tuesday Tips: Expanding Vocal Range

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“Vocal range can definitely be extended! It doesn’t happen overnight though, and requires practice and proper vocal care alongside proper technique. Sometimes simply a redistribution of breath will help increase range <- I guess that one COULD be overnight lol.” – JeffreyAKG_TV
“I don’t have any “professional” advice or exercises to offer. What I do know personally for myself is when I’m relaxed, I seem to deliver those higher notes much easier. Some of the best music I’ve ever heard have come from “backyard jam sessions.” It’s because everyone is relaxed, having a few beverages, and just enjoying the moment. So that’s what I suggest, relax yourself (physically and mentally), have a cold beverage near by to keep those vocal chords moist, and just let the good times roll. You’d be surprise by doing that alone how much your range can be extended. Cheers🍻” –IM_ALL_IN

“I guess I will pull in some anatomy. Your Larynx, which is where the vocal folds sit in your body, is full of muscles that help control the vocal folds. Like all other muscles in the body, you can works to stretch and gain flexibility. Like Jefferey said, it doesn’t happen overnight. If I wanted to get into the splits, I’d work everyday stretching to slowly get there. If you want to extend your range up, do vocal warm-ups that push you up in that range, stretching the muscles.

Here’s the kicker though! Your lower range doesn’t work that way. You can strengthen you lower range by relaxing and using proper technique, but it is almost impossible to extend your vocal range because that is based off of your genetics and age. The low range of your voice is all centered around the thickness of your vocal folds. The thicker they are, the lower you go. As you get older, they thicken… other outside factors contribute to them thickening as well (allergies, heartburn, smoking, etc.) – tamara_hope

“Yes Tamara!! Your voice is a muscle and If you do heathy consistent warm ups around the range area you would like to expand on it will eventually help your range. Healthy being the key word 😉” –Sarah_TV
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