ProductTuesday Tips: Songwriting & Writers Block

Tuesday Tips: Songwriting & Writers Block


Tuesday Tips is part of our Smule Inspire program. Through shared performances, tips, guest blog posts by veteran users, we hope that Smule Inspire will do just as its name implies: inspire all users in the community – to connect, collaborate, and create music together … ultimately to have the best experience possible on Smule.

After creating open calls, solos and group videos, it’s common to start thinking of creative ways to express your self. it’s common for many to start tapping into songwriting – sounds easier than it actually is. There is a-lot to think about: lyrics, chords, melody, chores. Our inspire team has some creative tips on how to start songwriting and get over writers block!

“Writer’s block is all too common and you’re not alone 🙂 for me, if something isn’t coming it’s best not to force it. Ideas can tend to come from the weirdest places, a phrase you hear while listening to talk radio, an advertisement, etc. I draw from my own experiences, write out the situation on a piece of paper and try to boil it down to a core idea, then write around that idea. Sometimes I’ll be playing one guitar, be stuck, then pick up a different guitar which has a slightly different tone, and boom, a song idea! The lesson is sometimes it pays to break up the routine, create new paths for ideas to flow ☺️” – JeffreyAKG_TV

“Like Jeffrey said, it’s best not to force it. For me, ideas flow when they want to and it’s best for me to try and capture that moment in a Voice note or jotting down a lyric that comes to mind. Also, if you’re stuck don’t be afraid to share with a friend, you never know they just might have an idea you didn’t think of! Some of my favorite songs I have written were collaborative efforts!” –Shane_TV

“I write my own music and what I do when I’m struggling to start composing music is I will find a chord that I really like or that speaks to me and then from there I find another chord and just keep progressing. When it comes to lyrics I find a theme and stick with it. Often when I’m composing music I listen to how the music I’m playing is making me feel and that usually evolves into lyrics.” –Sarah_TV

“For me actual composition of the track ALWAYS comes first. I can’t write lyrics without having a feeling, which is usually brought by an instrumental. If I experience writers block, I’m done w/ that session. As said before I don’t want to force a song, and end up w/ a sub par track because I ‘had to finish this.’ ” –xYego

First thing i do when i create music is find things thats inspire you, from there you’ll have an ideas what kind of music you’ll create, after that i’ll play around with my guitar and lay down basic chords for the verse-bridge-chorus, my friend Iam Blackwaters also told me to always find your song’s hook, its a catchy combination of lyrics, melody & rhythm that will stick in your mind.” –WeezerDen 

 “As I’m writing songs for others, the most important is to have their “story”, to be in their heart and try to translate those feelings into music.. So I talk with them and write phrases or vocal memos and then put them into music.Last song I wrote was from phrases that someone on smule said to me,and it was too beautifully said to not use it as lyrics …I also write songs on instrumentals.. A good melody can be very inspiring as well.” –LAURA_TV
“I write songs or part of songs probably everyday. Whether it’s lyrics or producing melody. I can’t let any idea pass me by without laying it down somewhere. If you are like me and you are writing songs for other people, writers block is hell, especially when on deadline. But the advice I give to every new songwriter is when you hit writers block is to STOP! Stop what you are doing and come back to it at a later time when you can hear it with fresh ears.
Every time I have tried to push through writers block and just come up with something that fits I have ended up hating it the next day and scrapping the idea. So when you hit this wall and everybody does, take it as a sign that you need a break. You will be amazed how much easier it will seem in 24 hours. I hope this helped.
Best of luck!” – Dearhead
“I get ideas from the oddest places. For example, a clanging noise on the bus one day inspired a drum beat for me. A situation I am or someone else is in is what I tend to write about. If a melody or lyric pops in to mind, make sure you note it down so you can build that idea when you have time to work on it. The voice memo app and a journal are very handy. Personally, being outdoors/in nature will ease the dreaded writer’s block sometimes. However, I usually give it a few days or weeks to rest. As Shane mentioned, co-writing is great since you have the other persons’ opinions and ideas to bounce off of. You don’t necessarily have to play an instrument or produce beats to song-write, but if you do or have a friend who’ll work with you, it will be helpful and make the process easier. Song writing, like everything else, will need practice. You’ll look back at your old originals and notice your progress” – Alne
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