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“For me, it’s mostly diaphragmatic singing that helps me power out my vocals. And doing warm up exercises helps me avoid straining my voice.” – Aileen Adamos
“Def warm up. You don’t want to go right into singing a power ballad without doing at least a few vocal exercises so you’re not straining to hit that Mariah Carey note! Also, learning how to have proper breath control , pushing from your diaphragm, knowing when to stop pushing the air, etc.” – Drea Frederick
“Breath control! Place the back of your hand lightly on your throat while singing and work to release any tension you feel, which helps ease the strain. Move that energy into your diaphragm to generate the power and the range ” – Jeffrey Graham
“For me it’s 3 steps. Hydrating, warm-up and breath control. Also practice , your vocal chords have muscle memory therefore the more you practice the more your vocal chords get used to the moments you “power”. – Lo Asbre
“1. deep breath (into your belly, not breast)
2. good stand or sit with legs in a comfortable position.
3. Warm up your voice with some easy songs not too high or too low.
4. Then sing whatever you feel like, repeat as often you need until it sound like you want it 😁
5. Don’t force your voice into high or deep to get a soar throat. Stop before that happen 😁
6. Have fun to try & to teach yourself.
7. if you still don’t have an idea how to sing more powerfully, watch some teaching yourtube videos or take some singing lessons with a teacher.”  – Nadine Petitat
“I agree with all of the above, but, I believe that most important, is placement of the Larynx and singing with forward sound. When you want to belt, the sound must be placed at the front of your face. Almost like you want to whine it out but then make sure your soft pallatt is up so it doesn’t sound nasally.

Hopefully that makes a little sense… 😬😬😬” – Tamara Cox

“The death of my vocal chords. 💀💀💀💀💀💀” – Mike Scott
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