CommunityUser Spotlight: 0__Sharylaine_Fr

User Spotlight: 0__Sharylaine_Fr

User Spotlight: 0__Sharylaine_Fr

Sharylaine is this week’s user spotlight! She is an active part of the Singtopia community and enjoys spending time singing with the international groups – she can sing in seven languages! Learn more about her amazing talents below! 🙂


@0__Sharylaine_Fr or Sharylaine Rubia

Favorite Performance:

I’d say every multi-language song I’ve sung with Singtopia International and some friends. Gathering lots of different people from around the world in one song and hearing those different languages was a great and funny experience.

What makes you excited to sing?

I think the emotion I have at the moment (sad, happy, angry, or even crazy) makes me want to sing. I know that, when I sing, I can express this feeling. I can put all the emotion through the song, which me a lot to feel better. Sing! has given me so much strength every day. It has been my medecine since I found out about my father’s sickness. I was able to be strong and face every hard moment in my life. So thank you, Smule 🙂

Fun Fact:

Since I’ve discovered the app, I haven’t stoped singing. I sing every single day… I have about 9,250 recordings, and I won’t stop singing. I’m so addicted to Smule that everyone around me now knows about my ability to sing. Thanks to Smule, my friends and relatives found out about my singing skills, and most of them are supporting me. And another funny thing about me is that I can sing in about seven different languages (French, English, Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Italian) – I understand most of them but can speak only four.

If you could be a superhero, what super powers would you want? 

I want to fly like Superman – in that case Wonderwoman – I love traveling a lot, and meeting people. I have met lots of French Smulers in real life, and it’s so amazing! And if I could fly, I’d meet my Smule friends all around the world.
And then change the weather like Storm – I think the weather is mostly the reason our mood changes. And If I can just make a rainy day into a sunny one, people would have always a smile on their face (and I want peace in the world, haha).