CommunityUser Spotlight: Ace_allantibbitt

User Spotlight: Ace_allantibbitt

User Spotlight: Ace_allantibbitt

Each Wednesday, we will feature an outstanding member of the Smule community.

This week we are sharing a very special story by a member of the ACE community in Sing, @ACE_allantibbitt! A little more than a year ago, Allan had been in a coma for about 3 months, when his passion for music saved his life! His story in an eye-opener for all of us!

Here is his story:

One year ago this week, my friends after not hearing from me for a week went looking for me, only to finally find me in a hospital in a coma. I had double pheumonia and was not expected to live. I was in a coma for almost 3 months, lost almost 60 pounds, and was intubated, which destroyed my vocal chords – I could no longer sing, walk or breathe.

Miraculously, after losing all hope and resigning to the reality of the situation, they pulled the plug, and I began to breathe again on my own. Long story short, I could barely say one word without having to take a breath in between.

As soon as I was coherent enough, the first thing I did was ask for my phone, and I went straight to Smule. I am a trained singer with many years experience and all I could think of was that I needed to gain the strength in my diaphram back, and if I did that I would be able to breathe again because singing is all about the breathing. Every day soon after I came out of the coma, I would open the Smule app, put my headphones on, and just start choosing songs that I knew and would try and sing them. Mind you, I had headphones on and I was trying to sing, and I must admit I sounded horrible at first and for quite a long while after, but I persisted and would not stop when they asked me to, did not care what they thought of how it sounded because I knew what I was heading back towards, which was a strong breath control to allow me to heal my lungs. They would close my door and roll their eyes, and some even hated me.

That is UNTIL my voice slowly started to return, and, one by one, the very same people who were telling me to stop and rolling their eyes and slamming my door shut .were now spending most of their shifts at my doorway all trying to get a better spot to listen to me SIIIIIINNNNNGGGG.

When I was finally released for home after a total six-month straight stay in the hospital, the very last thing the doctors told before they wished me well was, “I gotta hand it to you, that singing app (Smule’s Sing!) that you insisted on using every day was the most annoying experience some of us had ever had…until we saw the results.” He said, “that ‘singing app’ I believe just saved your life!!!!”

Check out more of his music on Smule!