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Group Video Update (10.7.14)



In June, we introduced Group Video, a fantastic new way to collaborate with friends and showcase your talent in Sing! Karaoke. Since then, you’ve created over 200,000 group videos and given us a lot of passionate feedback. Today, we’re excited to showcase some of the Group Video improvements included in the new update!

New Audio Power Driven Rendering!

When we originally released Group Video, we wanted every song to tell a unique story. So we opted to assign joiners’ performances at random. As the song progressed, the number of singers on screen would slowly increase, culminating in an explosive finale. This design had the unfortunate side effect of making it difficult for you to predict when you would appear in the actual Group Video.

We’ve completely retooled the logic behind Group Video transitions. We now utilize your audio power to determine if and when you should appear in the video. If we hear your voice in a given section of a song, we make sure you appear in that section. If you remain silent in a given section, we showcase another singer. If there are more than 8 people singing in a particular section, we’ll try to give everyone equal visibility. The result is a more predictable video centered around showcasing each singer’s talent.

Better Control Over Final Video!

We learned that many of our veteran singers love to organize “collabs,” which are intricately designed group performances with specific parts assigned to specific users. When we originally released Group Video, the video transitions often cut off singers mid-sentence or failed to showcase a singer at a critical moment. This made it a chore to plan a good collab with Group Video.

The new rendering logic now attempts to showcase the right singers at the right time by working with “collabs” rather than against them. The result is you can plan your collabs without having to worry about how the Group Video transitions might override your intended transitions.

Choose Your Part!

We’ve heard that group performances can sound noisy or jumbled if too many people join. To help improve audio inputs, we’re introducing an optional feature called “group parts.”

Similar to duets, when you participate in a group performance, you can now select a part and see a unique set of lyrics and pitch lines. We’ll combine your voice with those of other singers, resulting in a group song that sounds cleaner and more organized. (Of course, if you prefer to sing the entire song, you can still do it!)

“Group parts” is a bold first step to improve the group singing experience by making it easier for users to organize collabs. We eventually want to give you the option to designate your own group parts, rename them, and even assign them to other singers.

For frequently asked questions, click here! 

Stay tuned and please continue providing us with feedback!


Group Video Update (10.7.14) FAQ


For general questions about Group Video, check out our earlier blog post here:http://blog.smule.com/post/120696926309/group-video-faq

What are group parts?

Group parts are an optional new way to interact with group performances. Rather than sing the entire song (all the lyrics), you are only given some of the lyrics. In the end, we combine your performance with the performances of all other joiners to create a more interesting, collaborative music video.

Can I design or set my own parts for a song?

Currently you cannot set your own parts. But we are actively exploring this design and eventually want to give you control over how many parts a song should have and what lyrics each part should sing.

Am I forced to select a group part if I don’t want to?

No. You can ignore the lyrics on screen and sing whatever you want. Your vocals will be mixed into the final music video. You can also choose the option “I want to make up my own parts” to retain the classic group singing experience. You’ll be shown the complete set of lyrics for the song and can sing any or all of them.

Why is the default group part different every time I select my song?

When you are prompted to select a group part, you may notice that you’re defaulted to a different part than the last time you joined. This is normal. The system will always default your selection to the part that is currently least represented in the group song you’ve selected. This is designed to maximize your opportunity to appear in the final video and maintain a balance of parts within any given group video. You are free to select any other part.

How do I select parts on Android?

Stay tuned.

How are video transitions determined in my Group Video?

Video transitions are determined by singers’ audio power. If we can hear your audio in a given section of the song, you’ll be added to the video in that section. If you are silent in a given section, we won’t add you to that section of the video. If there are more singers in a specific section eligible to appear than we can accommodate, then we’ll try to show the max number and then use additional transitions within the section to swap users in and out.

Is this compatible with open mic or community songs?

Group parts are available for community songs that have lyrics and duet parts definition, but not for open mic or community songs without such info. We’re exploring ideas to improve the process of uploading arrangements on Smule.com and support group parts for community songs.

Is it always 4 parts for every group song?

We’re starting with 4 parts for group songs, but as we continue to improve this feature, we may introduce songs with more than 4 parts. (There are 5 members of the Backstreet Boys, after all!)

Can I invite my friends to join a specific part?

This is currently not supported. We think it’s an interesting idea and are exploring it.

How do I know what lyrics each part corresponds to?

You’ll have to choose each part and find out. There is currently no way to preview the lyrics for each part but we are currently exploring solutions. We are also very interested in hearing your feedback!


#GVContest Community Vote

#GVContest Community Vote

Today marks special day for the Smule Community as we will be celebrating the many groups through out the Sing app who participated in the #GVContest. Today, will also be our VERY FIRST community vote. All of your amazing, creative videos from the #GVContest have been compiled down to 25 videos of a variety of groups throughout Sing!. Now, you get to vote for your favorite groups and videos, which will narrow it down to the top 5 finalists. Once we’ve announced our top 5 semi-finalists, we will have another round of voting to determine the winning team!


  1. Top 5 semi-finalists: $300 to a charity of choice
  2. Winning finalist: $1000 towards a charity of choice

Voting Dates

  1. First Round (25): July 16th – July 19th
  2. Second Round (5): July 20th – July 23rd!

Please click here to begin voting

Below are directions on how to vote!



“Introducing Rap Battles,” by Smule, ft. AutoRap

You don’t have to rap alone anymore. AutoRap: Rap Battles drops today.

Pass the mic and go head to head with your friends using Rap Battles, a new kind of Smulean mobile, musical collaboration. We thought long and hard about how to make this simple and fun: 

  1. Capture the spontaneity and flow of live rap battles
  2. Let you invite your friends directly to a rap battle, even ones who don’t know they’re rappers yet
  3. Craft each finished battle to deliver a slice of audio magic

Goal #1: Capture the Moment

It’s easy to start a Rap Battle. All you do is tap ‘Battle a Friend’ at the end of your AutoRap recording. We use a quick turn-based system, so you and your friend can go back and forth for three rounds, and get notified instantly when it’s time for you to jump into the action.


It’s as simple as picking a beat and talking (rapping also works!). We’ll mix your voice into the music. When you’re ready to battle, just tap ‘Battle a Friend’ and pick who you want to challenge from your contacts.

Goal #2: Invite your real friends to battle!

Don’t worry, it’s just as fun if you start with zero rapping skills. After all, battling is the best way to improve. These battles are direct and personal; we let you challenge your friends with text messages and only share it when you’re ready. 


Invite friends directly from your address book, and we’ll let you know when they reply with their own verse.


There are three rounds, so don’t use all your best lines in the first one!  

Goal #3: Enchanting Audio Magic

Battling isn’t just fun, it’s a way of making music. You can rap, or even just talk, and we’ll mix your words into a rap song. Rap Battles seamlessly weaves together verses from you and your opponent into a single track.  We blur the lines between competition and collaboration, so even if you dominate your friend, you’ll both have something cool to listen to over and over again. Depending on what beat you choose and how much you have to say, the final song can be 20 seconds or 2 minutes of rapperly rapport.

Check out Rap Battles in action. 

What are you waiting for? Get Rap Battles for free now!