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New Partner Artist and Sing! Challenge : LeAnn Rimes

New Partner Artist and Sing! Challenge : LeAnn Rimes

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We have a very special promotion going on right now with IHeartRadio and it’s pretty simple. Sing with LeAnn on Sing! for a chance to meet her at her concert! See rules below:

  1. Download the Sing app! Click Here!
  2. Duet with LeAnn on “Holly Jolly Christmas/Frosty The Snowman” using the Sing! app.
  3. Post your duet on Twitter using #iHeartContest and #TodayIsChristmas for a chance to win a trip to see her on Tour!

Read more: Official Contest Rules




This week’s Smule Artist release comes from an amazing musical party force known as Con Bro Chill. “Party Animal” is the band’s 4th release on the Smule platform and because they are so awesome it’s FREE in Magic Piano and Sing! Karaoke. All they ask in return is that you give their new music video (above) a watch or two, share it with your friends, and of course join them in a duet of the song in Sing! Karaoke!


Since it happens to be Friday (in the western hemisphere) you’d be doing the work week a solid by clicking the link below from your mobile device. You may find yourself whisked away to a magical #PowerHappy #NeonArmy party land where all people are encouraged to join the fun and sing along!

Of course if you don’t know how the song goes, check out the video above, or listen to “The Voice” of the band sing it right here on the Smule network (so intensity. much power. wow):

Who is Con Bro Chill?
Who ISN’T Con Bro Chill is really the question. They are a group overflowing with talent and charisma fronted by two brothers who, when not partying with CBC, happen to be a professional lacrosse player and an established hit writing songsmith who’s worked with the likes of Maroon 5, David Guetta, and Jason Derulo. But instead of us trying to attempt a boring explanation of what they are all about, here’s a quote from the band themselves:

“It’s time to have fun and it’s time to do it together. That is, in essence, what Con Bro Chill of Portland, OR wants you to know. Nothing major, buddy, just love the crap out of life, jam out to our sweet tunes, and bring all your friends. Comprised of front man/keytar specialist Con, lead singer Samm, and dance-blast-duo Steve and Ty, Con Bro Chill is a party vortex ready to converge on your hometown.”

Get all the excellent details about the band, their music, videos, tour dates, and have the time of your live by visiting their website here: http://conbrochill.com/

Show your support of Con Bro Chill by:
Following them on Smule: http://smule.com/ConBroChill
Watching to their videos on Youtube: http://youtube.com/ConBroChill
And next time they are in town be SURE to catch them on stage.

They put on one of the most energetic and entertaining live shows we’ve ever seen. PERIOD!





This week’s Smule Artist release comes from Jacob Izreal. “Remember” is now available for FREE only in Sing! Karaoke. And for the next week you can even sing a duet with the man himself by tapping the link below from an iOS device (this feature coming soon to Android)

Sing With Jacob Here: http://www.smule.com/c/71088207_46277055/

Of course if you don’t know how the song goes, feel free to listen to him singing it right here:


(Android users if you want to join Jacob, just check out the “Hot Performances” page in the app, tap on Jacob’s song, go to his profile and you can join his song on the “open calls” tab of his profile)

Who is Jacob Izreal:
Jacob has been using Smule apps since the early days. He recorded one of his first songs using “I Am T-Pain” for a contest we held in 2009. It was called “Fotted on yo car”. It was hilarious. Since then he has continued writing and producing music and has developed a really amazing sensibility for Pop/R&B. Although he is relatively new as a producer he is an amazingly talented musical force to be reckoned with.

On top of being a first class singer/songwriter and producer, he is also a hard working father and husband based out of Louisiana and an all around wonderful guy as evidenced by the lyrics to “Remember”, which were written for his wife.

“Remember” is Jacob’s second release on the Smule platform. His first single, “Show the World” was released in Sing! Karaoke just over a year ago.

We would love for you to show your support of Jacob by following him on Smule, listening to “Remember” on Youtube or even download “Show the World” on iTunes:

“Remember” on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2LJ4lVCIDk

“Show the World” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/show-the-world-single/id637991580

And don’t forget to follow him on the interwebs:


The Largest Online Community of Sing!ers Turns One! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGTOPIA!


March 2014 marks a very important time in the history of the Smule Community. Smule’s largest online community of Sing!ers known as Singtopia! Singtopia was founded one year ago this month! They are a vibrant, world-wide community of people supporting each other in their creative endeavors and providing all sorts of fun new ways to interact, collaborate, and share the joy of making music. The story of this group is a classic tale of a few individuals banding together to create, develop, and sustain a vision that has strengthened over time to help make Sing! Karaoke what it is today!

The History of Singtopia

Maria Limperos (Maria66), Nikki Nemeyer (NikkiSongs), and Adrian Sings (AdrianSings) met while creating performances in Sing! Karaoke during the second half of 2012. After many months of singing together and discovering a ton of other Sing!-happy people, their absolute love for the app drove them to want to do something different and spectacular and give back to the Sing! community. This common interest led to the birth of Singtopia, which couldn’t be a more fitting name.

Since the group was founded, a few other key members have stepped up to help support the group as official admins: ElyssHARMONY, iAm_Vince_Encore, iMezlopes_PGS, KingRR, swtsndzz.

If you hop on over to Singtopia feel free to introduce yourself to them :)


What Makes Singtopia Special

It is impossible to sum up the Singtopia community (which now has over 1,300 members) in a single blog post. What started as a simple Facebook group has expanded beyond its single group origins and is now essentially a mini-empire of Sing!ers spread across the internet. But as far reaching as it is, this group manages to stay true to its roots and maintain its ability to act as an enhancement of the Sing! Karaoke app experience.

I connected with Maria (who is known as the face of Singtopia) to help me create this post and try to distill the group into a few of its parts.

Singtopia’s Mission

“Our mission was simply to be all-inclusive and to provide a fun, interactive place for Sing! users to collaborate with each other, share performances, learn about the Sing! app features and updates, interact within the community and the app and overall just to have fun and enhance the Sing! experience” – Maria

Singtopia Programs and Affiliated Groups

Singtopia is home to a variety of programs that keep the group fresh and members feeling welcomed, engaged, and connected. One of the programs, my personal favorite, called Singtopia International, is a series of collaborations sung in many different languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Arabic, Tagalog, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian. The International program really drives home the fact that music is a universal language, and reflects the core mission of Smule to connect people around the world through music. I HIGHLY recommend checking out some of the performances that SI has generated!

Singtopia has also spawned a number of spin-off groups that address more specific musical interests, making sure that there really is something for everyone. One such group called Singtopia Vocal Skills Workshop is for people who want to learn and grow as vocalists. People in this group share tips on how to be a better singer, provide constructive criticism about each other’s performances, and there have even been free vocal lessons from some Sing!ers who are professional vocal coaches!

Sounds of Singtopia

Considering the group is centered around making music, I asked Maria to send me a couple performances that are representative of the group. Here’s a few songs that represent the various facets of Singtopia!

  • Japanese Collaboration and first Singtopia! International Feature

  • First Singtopia group song – celebrating the group reaching 150 members
  • Dedication to one of Smule’s greatest emerging artists, Guy Lockard!!
  • TrebleX (group formed out of Singtopia) singing in sympathy of a family of member

  • Largest Singtopia International Collaboration
  • Just plain awesome. Mashing up Bollywood with Justin Timberlake

Happy Birthday!

Of course this is just a smattering of some of the cool things Singtopia has been up to over the past year. For me personally, watching Singtopia’s progress has been an absolute pleasure and I’ve been delighted and inspired on a daily basis by the awesome stuff coming form the group.

So happy birthday Singtopia! We look forward to all of the things you produce in year two!

Join The Community

If YOU would like to join in the fun of Singtopia, feel free to join the group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Singtopia and check out some of their favorite performances by searching for the hashtag #SingtopiaTurns1 on Smule.com or in the app. Happy Singing!


Why Indonesia is home to Smule’s largest local community of Sing!ers known as The SmuleNesians


Earlier this month I travelled to Indonesia to meet the world’s largest local community of Sing!ers (aka super users of our app Sing! Karaoke) who call themselves The SmuleNesians. The plan was for me to attend a 2 day Grand Gathering, which they organized to celebrate the group’s 1st Anniversary. By attending the gathering, and meeting the SmuleNesians, I hoped to gain a better understanding of who the SmuleNesians are, and why they have been able to create such an amazingly successful community that started in our application Sing! Karaoke. It was a magical experience and I learned not only a lot about what it takes to create a community like this, but why Indonesian culture may have played a special factor in enabling such a community like this to be developed in the first place. Here are some of my thoughts.

First of all, Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world and also happens to be extremely rich in cultural and bio-diversity. Add to that the fact that it is an archipelago nation comprised of over 17,000 islands, and you can imagine the number of musical styles and influences that have developed. I believe one result of this densely populated yet diverse country is that many Indonesians have developed a unique acceptance of the cultural differences within their borders. In fact, the national motto translates more or less to “Unity in Diversity”.


I must admit, I probably wouldn’t have actually gone to Indonesia if it hadn’t been for a few of the SmuleNesians insisting on me being present at the Grand Gathering, which was scheduled months in advance to take place on January 18th / 19th. One of the SmuleNesians even volunteered to be my tour guide and invited me to stay with her family for a week and a half prior to the big event. She lives in LA but planned on leaving a couple weeks early so she could visit family before the gathering. With this type of hospitality as my introduction to Indonesian ideals I had no excuse, so I took her up on the offer, we met on a layover in Taipei, and I flew with her and her father to Jakarta to begin the journey!

In the time leading up to the Grand Gathering, I got to experience Indonesian culture first hand. The people are extremely friendly, cook great food, and leave no leftovers! I never once felt like an outcast even though I am sure I looked out of place. Oh and one more thing…singing and dancing were almost daily activities.

A couple days into my stay, I tagged along to my host’s father’s high school reunion in a town called Bogor just a couple hours south of Jakarta. Someone brought along a Yamaha PSR-S910 keyboard with an arrangement mechanism that generates drums and bass to follow the performer’s chord selections through what seemed like some sort of magical interpretation. There was also a guitar, and of course wireless microphones and speakers to amplify them. The people created their own entertainment throughout the evening, everyone took turns singing or playing the instruments, and they all danced if they weren’t singing or playing. It was a lot of fun.

A day later at a family gathering there were DVD’s with karaoke tracks, a projector, and a couple wireless mics with another set of speakers to amplify everything. Karaoke started at around 8am and didn’t end until 2am. There were some breaks in between, but it was always an option. Also plenty of dancing. I learned to dance the Indonesian equivalent of “Gangnam Style”, called “Opplosan”. So much fun.

Even at the billiards hall we were given a private room with a single pool table and a karaoke machine that could pump out some serious volume. Everyone sings. Everywhere.

And then there there were the actual karaoke venues, which made the US karaoke places seem like ancient relics.

A 20 inch touch screen controlled the song selection, playlist queue, level balance of microphones and music, and a ton of other things.


The place had 60,000 songs to choose from in various languages, and a music video accompanied each song. Not the cheesy music videos that you often find in the US, these were super high quality versions of the videos for the actual songs you were singing (this would probably cause issues for licensing in the US but still it was cool). There was a flat screen display for lyrics and videos on every visible wall of the room, and up to 6 microphones available. Plus you could add sound effects like applause and whistles etc. Great service too. And EVERYONE is encouraged to sing during pretty much every song. It’s an all inclusive karaoke experience.

Here’s a picture of the SmuleNesians in the Happy Puppy Karaoke room.


Basically my experience in Indonesia suggests that it is a country where the people are accepting of others, musical expression (especially in the form of karaoke) is encouraged on a daily basis, and they seem to have developed a propensity towards being collaborative and generally helping each other out. That is all to say it couldn’t be more Smulean in nature! How cool is that?

More on the SmuleNesians themselves in a later post…stay tuned!



THE FACES OF SMULE — From Singapore to Orlando, the Sing!dom has moved beyond the digital world!

Over the past 7 days, something truly amazing has taken place. More than 50 people around the world, who met each other through a FREE mobile app, stepped out of the digital world to create music and memories together in real life. Of course the Mobile app that brought them together was Sing! Karaoke by Smule, and these people are particularly amazing and outgoing to begin with, but it gives me goosebumps nonetheless!

It has been my absolute pleasure to witness first hand the evolution of this budding community of Singers, Musicians, Mothers, Fathers, Friends, Families, Techies and Non Techies alike surrounding Smule’s social music making app. So many personalities from so many walks of life are represented in this community and words don’t describe how inspiring it is to see them bonding over something like creating music and a shared interest in self expression. This is what Smule set out to develop over 5 years ago and it’s surreal to think that it is actually happening!

Here’s a Sing! Meetups Welcome Message from some of the LA crew: http://www.smule.com/p/112842052_17774395


I flew to Los Angeles last Wednesday to attend the meetup in LA. After getting a rental car and briefly meeting up with David Leon of the Voice of Life project (who was kind enough to let me crash at his lovely abode in the Hollywood hills) I drove to San Bernardino to pick up Tino (aka Ponce). Little did I know that with traffic, the round trip effort would take 4 hours, but it was worth every second. What would an LA meetup be without the superstar that is Tino!?

The meetup was originally supposed to take place at The Parlor Hollywood (huge shout out to Mary and Brooke for scouting out places ahead of time) where Wednesday evening Karaoke is hosted by Trevor Penick from the boy band O-Town. When we arrived though, to our dismay, we found that the venue had been booked for a special event so there wouldn’t be karaoke that evening. I have to say this took the wind out of our sales pretty quickly, but someone said Key and Peele had been sighted on the premises and that the event must have been booked by them last minute to celebrate their new TV show on Comedy Central. Ohhhhhh Los Angeles!

Thankfully the crew rallied and we found an alternate karaoke place in Korea Town. Somehow after figuring out how to get their cars out of Valet parking (another LA thing) everyone arrived at the new place only to find it had hardly any songs in English! HAHA! But Brooke and Mary knew of a place just around the corner called the Brass Monkey Cafe (which they had scouted out ahead of time as well) and that turned out to be the BEST possible karaoke place for our large group of 18 people!

Once we settled in, with T-Shirts and drinks distributed, a grand time was had by all. It was so cool to see these people singing in real life. I finally had faces for the voices I had only ever heard online. Speaking of faces, I met a lot of Sing!ers that I didn’t know before the meetup, some of which had never sang in an open Karaoke bar before, but you wouldn’t have known because everyone of them seemed like a pro. Mary and Brooke even sang a mashup that they had perfected on the app, which was something I think the KJ had never seen happen before! And at one point the whole place turned into a dance party when someone not in our group sang Ignition (remix) by R. Kelly. It is always so cool to see the song selections that people make and the responses that come from these selections. This is something I noticed first at last month’s NYC meetup.

The bar closed at 2am and a handful of us crazy Sing!ers were there until the end. Considering most of these people had never met in real life before, it made sense! The next day people were posting pictures and videos from the event in the Smule Sing! Meetups Group on Facebook and I hope more meetups will follow


In the following days, more pictures and videos poured in from the other Meetups around the world. Indonesia, Singapore, and Orlando all had representatives of the Sing!dom meeting up and rocking out on karaoke. Sporting their Smule T-shirts and having a good time :)

What a magical place this app is! Here’s to the Sing!dom and connecting people all around the world through music, both online and in real life!

Of course, if you are reading this and are interested in attending or planning a meetup in YOUR city or area, join the Smule Sing! meetups group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SmuleSingMeetups/

We’ll even send you T-Shirts!