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Smule User Spotlight: Jon


Smule User Spotlight: Jon

Jon is a new(er) member to Smule, but that doesn’t make him newbie. He is a huge part of the community as he is connected with many groups like Sing Republic, who Alimone_SR is also apart of. She says, “Jon has been such a great friend and musical inspiration since I met him. He’s so supportive of his sing ‘family’ and truly loves being able to share his love for music with so many other talented singers on the app. He also surprises me with how versatile he is. One minute he’s singing Sinatra and the next he’s jamming out to some Aerosmith! I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Smule meet up in February and he blew my socks off with his live karaoke performances! Truly a wonderful guy.”

Get to know Jon a little bit more!



Favorite Performance:

It’s always super hard to choose a favorite performance on the app, but it has to be with @ALimone_SR. Her amazing voice, grit and love she puts into singing is incredible! We just did a cover of “Love In An Elevator” by Aerosmith and rocked it!! It gave us a chance to step out of our comfort zone and shred an 80s tune!

Check it out here:

Fun Fact about you:

I’m a huge nerd! My favorite movie(s) are the Back To The Future Trilogy and Star Wars Movies. I collect comics, play video games and have been known to visit a Comic-Con or two.

What makes you excited to Sing:

The fact that I can sing with others around the world makes my heart happy! I’ve met people on here that are not just friends – they are my family.

Thank you to Sing Republic, Music1st, Novus and One Love for allowing me to join their Sing! family!

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Well, I would want to be Deadpool! Witty, funny, nuts and can kick butt! Also, can regenerate. I can’t die! lol


New Partner Artist and Smule Originals Contest Winner – Melissa Adams

New Partner Artist and Smule Originals Contest Winner – Melissa Adams

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.30.34 AM

Smule is a community of people who love music, who love to make music, and our main goal is to connect this incredibly supportive and fun community.  We also realize that there is an amazing abundance of talent within this community and those with dreams of a career in music.

Over the summer, we held the Smule Originals Contest to uncover some of that talent, to highlight songwriters and singers throughout Smule. The grand prize winner of the contest would be flown out to San Francisco for a week to professionally master their recording, create a music video, and get a helping boost in the launch of a musical career. The winning singer/songwriter was Melissa Adams with her entry of “Shy.”

Melissa came out and spent a week with us in San Francisco in October. We are thrilled with the outcome of Melissa’s performance and honored to have been able to work so closely with her! We are equally thrilled to introduce her to you as today’s new Partner Artist.

Today you can sing “Shy” with Melissa!

She shares her experience with us in an interview below.

1. What was your overall experience like?

To sum up the whole experience, I would say it was very surreal and amazing at the same time. Though it was a lot of hard work I will always treasure the experience.  I learned so much valuable information about the music world. It was my first time in a real recording studio. It was also neat to work with analog recording technology as opposed to digital. It’s definitely a huge step up from singing into a pair of apple headphones. I met so many cool, talented musicians and was definitely inspired to learn a few more instruments myself. The staff at Smule was so welcoming and accommodating and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.54.34 PM

2. How long have you been singing?

Singing kind of came out of the blue for me. I wanted to sing in the talent show at the age of ten. However when I got to the audition, my shyness took over and I was practically whispering. Needless to say, I didn’t get into the talent show that year. In middle school I started gaining more confidence and actually made it past the talent show auditions. However it wasn’t until I reached high school that I became a vocal major and started to take singing more seriously.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.55.20 PM

3. What were some challenges (if any) you had and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge for me on this trip was being able to communicate with instrumentalists. Music is a language and if you don’t understand it you can’t speak it. I have all these thoughts and ideas in my head but only knowing vocal terminology, it was hard for me to express my ideas. To be honest, I felt quite intimidated being in the company of such talented musicians and struggled to find my voice. Having another vocalist by my side to translate my ideas was definitely very helpful. Once everyone clicked and got on the same page, it was definitely easy sailing from there.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.55.54 PM

4. What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the experience was definitely filming the music video. Acting is another dream of mine and I truly felt and was treated like a superstar on set.  Not to mention all the beautiful hotspots in San Francisco that we were able to use as the backdrop for shooting scenes for the music video! I even conquered my fear of heights for one of the locations- well almost.  The entire production team was extremely talented and professional which really made my experience worthwhile.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.56.17 PM

5. What do you plan on doing in the future?

I definitely know I want to work in the music/entertainment industry. Singing is my first and foremost passion but I would like to dabble in other creative disciplines. Voice acting has always been an interest of mine as well as on screen acting. I’ve always dreamed of being part of the cast in the Lion King Broadway Musical. I’d really like to learn a few more instruments and gain some skills in music production.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.56.32 PM

6. Advice for those who are interested in writing their own music?

Write about something that you can relate to. I was having major writer’s block because I was trying to write about something that I hadn’t experienced yet. Once I connected the song to my own life, the ideas started flooding in. It also helps to know some basic music theory. I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to playing the piano but understanding chords progressions really helped me to build the instrumental portion of my song. Lastly, don’t be opposed to criticism. Share your ideas with close family and friends and ask them what they think. Not all of your ideas will be good ones, and that’s okay.



Smule User Spotlight: MMyers_tv

Smule User Spotlight: MMyers_tv

You probably have seen him on the Sing! app once or twice, maybe on social channels or maybe you even sang with him? Today, we are happy to announce our friend, mmyers_tv, as our Smule User Spotlight! Not only is he engaging on the Sing! app, he also is amazingly talented. He can sing any song and completely destroy it. Go ahead, ask him! :)

Username and real name:

MMyers_TV ( Mike Scott )

Favorite Performance: 

I have so many favorite performances because of all of the talented individuals on Smule! It is very hard to choose just one. I would have to choose this mega mash up I did to “I need your love” by Ellie Goulding with a join from the amazing Heather Snare. 

Although she’s a bit louder than me on this one her voice was perfect.  I absolutely love it every time I hear it.  I hope that everyone enjoys this and has as much fun listening as we did singing this.

What makes you excited to Sing:

There are so many talented singers on this app I cant wait to hear everyone’s interpretation of a song.  Singing to me brings out everything emotionally. Depending on the song you can reflect on moments in your life that can relate and relive happy or sad times. All memories good or bad have shaped you to be the person you are today and music helps to tell those stories.

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration in life and music are completely different. My mom has been one of the strongest, hardest working, loving, happy, and selfless individuals I have ever met. Like most mothers, she always put the needs of her children first and did it with a smile. She always strove to make life better and to look at everything in a positive way even when times were hard. This attitude has been instilled in me and made me part of the man I am today.  Musically, my inspirations vary all across the board. I love and respect all genres of music. My favorites are Michael Jackson for changing music, Sam Cooke for his lyrics and emotion, Boyz II Men for their harmony, Justin Timberlake for his performing and showmanship, Bush-because I was a 90’s grunge boy, Led Zeplin for their creative minds and lyrics, Michael Buble ( Crooner’s) for his smooth and perfectly trained vocals and Garth Brooks for his innovati0n in Country Music.  I think each of these have shaped who I am as an artist today.

Fun Fact about you: 

I play a variety of instruments but cannot read music.  I first learned how to play the drums at the age of 8, my dad was a drummer. Then began to play the Guitar at the age of 10 and most recently started to play the Piano.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Well that’s easy, I would want to be THOR! The ladies love him, the guys want to be like him, he is immortal and has saved the world a few times. He has no weakness! Hammer!!!!!!!!


How We Put Together Our Team At Smule

How We Put Together Our Team At Smule

I had an opportunity to attend a cancer-research fundraising breakfast last month with Gov. Jerry Brown, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, George Lucas, Joe Torre, and others. Michael Milken hosted the event.

By the way, folks of Silicon Valley, Joe Torre – not to be confused with Joe Torry – was the manager of the New York Yankees when they won four world championships. Torre was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame last week.

At breakfast, Milken asked Torre about Derek Jeter, one of the top baseball players of the past decade who played on Torre’s teams. Torre said that Derek was a great player but that there were better short-stops and hitters. He said the unique thing about Derek wasn’t his own skills. Rather, it was the impact he had on those around him. Derek inspired his team to work harder, play better, and win championships. While Derek was very positive, he never sacrificed his standards.

I’m somewhat reluctant to draw upon potentially contrived sports analogies, particularly given Smule’s headquarters at 2nd and Townsend Streets is often enveloped with inebriated San Francisco Giants fans. Yet, I confess I find Jeter to be inspiring. His ability to draw out greatness in others was amazing. Torre recognized that and tapped into it, helping to explain his success in managing four championship teams.

Great teams are comprised of people who despise failure and inspire others to grow. It isn’t to say we won’t fail. At times, we must fail. If we never fail, then we aren’t taking risks, and if we take no risks we will absolutely fail. There also will always be challenges and opportunities to explain why we won’t succeed, etc.

When we evaluate potential future employees Smule, we consider many criteria, including intelligence, skills, quality of hair-style, experience, communication strength, affinity for The Doors, and cultural fit. But more important than any of these attributes is attitude.

– Jeff SmithCEO and Co-Founder, Smule Inc.

Photo: Jeff Smith, left, and Joe Torre during a fundraiser for cancer research held in June and hosted by Michael Milken at AT&T Park in San Francisco.