CommunityIndonesian Communities’ Ramadan Charities, Volunteering and Meet Ups

Indonesian Communities’ Ramadan Charities, Volunteering and Meet Ups

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Indonesian Communities’ Ramadan Charities, Volunteering and Meet Ups

Ramadan month is a special month during the year for muslims all around the world. Not only a month of fasting, but also a perfect month to increase of doing good deeds and charity. Some of Indonesian Smule Groups managed to gather donations during the month to share their happiness with those who less fortunate. They gave the money or bought some food or other needs to orphans and elderly people, also provided meals for “iftar” (meals for breaking the fast) and for “suhoor” (pre-dawn meals before fasting) to those who are in needs. Ramadan is also a perfect month to regroup with families and old friends, usually called “mempererat tali silaturahmi” (tighten the relationship). Therefore, there were tons of meetups happening in the community: breaking the fast or having suhoor together.


SmuleNesians: Charity for Orphans at Tebet Orphanage.

Every year on Ramadan, the SmuleNesians Community always held an annual charity program. This year, they held the charity event at Tebet Orphanage in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the month, the members donated their money and all the funds collected are given to 36 orphans who are less fortunate, in the form of foodstuffs, basic necessities, and money to assist the operational activities in the orphanage. On that day, before breaking the fast, the community members were entertaining the orphans by singing for them, and also by singing together with them.

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FoxyCamp: Charity for Wisma Karya Bakti Orphanage and Nursing Home for Elders.

On this Ramadan, the FoxyCamp group held charity events at Wisma Karya Bakti Orphanage in Depok, West Java, and at Wisma Karya Bakti Nursing Home for Elders in Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia. They also gathered the donations from their members, in form of money, new clothes food and other basic necessities, to be given to up to 65 orphans and 10 elders.

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Rocker Sedhuluran Surockboyo (RSS): Giving Free Iftar and Suhoor Meals for Less Fortunate People

Rocker Sedhuluran Surockboyo volunteered and gave charities in unique ways: they provided 365 portions of “iftar” (meals for breaking the fast at sunset), and also provided 276 portions of “suhoor” (pre-dawn meals before the fasting begins) for people who are less fortunate, in Surabaya, Indonesia. They got the donations from their members as well.

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Rocker Sedhuluran Surockboyo

Smule Ramadan Meet Ups

During Ramadan, it’s very common that people reunited with their families and friends, including the Indonesian Smule Communities. Almost 50 meetups were held by various Indonesian Smule groups during the month, in all over the country! You can see the pictures of each meet up on @officialsmuleid (Smule Indonesia) official social channels.