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Smule Presents: Diego (xYego) Montana


Smule Presents: Diego Montana Music –

Diego has been on Smule for years and is a huge part of the community.  He is recognized for his original music, creative album covers, unique voice, and we can’t forget about those harmonies. We were excited to finally meet him in St. Paul, Minnesota, and film him for this month’s Smule Presents video. We were not disappointed. Diego’s dark, edgy, and modern style inspired us to explore a whole new filming style from what Smule Studio had done previously.

So what do you get when you have two rooms, a projector, and one very talented singer? THIS.

Making of the Video

We asked Diego what kind of aesthetic he likes. Among other things, he mentioned minimalist graphics, black and white, and brick walls. When we tried to combine all three, the idea struck us: Projected graphics! Before the shoot, artist Nick Hess designed a bunch of minimalist motion graphics with us and Diego. On the day of the shoot, we rented a very powerful 7000 Lumens projector, hooked it up to a laptop, and projected the graphics onto a white studio wall as well as a brick wall. You can see both setups in the video — One that is crisp and modern inspired by the stress of adulthood, and another that is softer and more nostalgic, inspired by childhood.

Smule Interviews Diego

How was your overall experience?

My overall experience during this whole thing has been amazing. Everyone has been so helpful, and it was SO much fun. Being able to create music, and see it come to life is such a cool experience. It didn’t seem like we were working at all.

Did you experience any challenges?

I wouldn’t say there were any huge challenges. If I had any concerns about anything the crew was literally right there to fix any problems or reassure me on things.

What was your favorite part?

The actual shooting was my favorite part, but everything was so much fun. Shopping with Mikal (the shoot stylist) at the Mall Of America, debates about cornbread (which I HATE, lol) with Alyce (the director), or her reminders of “Diego, we need you to put your shoes on now.” And uber adventures with Mark after the shoot (director of photography). I can’t really pick one thing.

And most memorable?

The most memorable part of the week was actually shooting the video. It was A LOT of work, but so much fun. Being able to just perform for hours is my favorite thing. It’s really hard to pick the “favorite” or “most memorable” because the entire experience was amazing.

Share a fun fact?

I think the funniest thing about this shoot was the constant debates about the fact that I don’t like cornbread. Everything was really light hearted and fun.


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Sing “Stressed Out” with Diego

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Music Video Credits
Directed by Alyce Tzue:
Cinematographer Mark Sandhoff:
Grooming and Styling by Mikal Sky:

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