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Starting today, you can create your own parts for group collabs!



Starting today, you can create your own parts for group collabs!

Just go to www.smule.com/upload and select the Songbook option. On the screen where you enter the song’s lyrics, you’ll see an option to customize the song’s parts for group singing:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.45.36 PM

Your song can have as many as eight parts and as few as three, and you can even rename each one to help show who will sing what:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.43.54 PM

Once you’ve started, you can add, remove, and rename parts, and you can click-and-drag to associate each line of lyrics with one or more parts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.43.44 PM

With just a few clicks, you’ll be all set and have something that looks like this:


If you don’t feel like setting a song’s group parts, you can set its duet parts, and we’ll use those to automatically create group parts in the Sing!

Once you finish uploading your song, you can find it in the Songbook. When you start or join a group collab, you’ll find your parts waiting for you to choose from:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.46.12 PM

Similar to duets, you’ll see a unique set of lyrics to guide your singing.

Even if you don’t want to upload a song to the Songbook, you can still enjoy songs with fun group parts. Check out the new Songbook section in Sing! iOS called “Great for Groups,” which features holiday songs and others specially arranged by our team for group singing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.46.30 PM

We’ll be adding group parts to more songs every week, so try searching “groupparts” in the Songbook to find them. Sing a group collab as your favorite singer and sing in harmony with others around the world!

Group parts are limited to Sing iOS for now but coming soon to Sing Android.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! As always, please write us at support@smule.com if you have any questions or suggestions!


Group Video Update (10.7.14) FAQ


For general questions about Group Video, check out our earlier blog post here:https://blog.smule.com/post/120696926309/group-video-faq

What are group parts?

Group parts are an optional new way to interact with group performances. Rather than sing the entire song (all the lyrics), you are only given some of the lyrics. In the end, we combine your performance with the performances of all other joiners to create a more interesting, collaborative music video.

Can I design or set my own parts for a song?

Currently you cannot set your own parts. But we are actively exploring this design and eventually want to give you control over how many parts a song should have and what lyrics each part should sing.

Am I forced to select a group part if I don’t want to?

No. You can ignore the lyrics on screen and sing whatever you want. Your vocals will be mixed into the final music video. You can also choose the option “I want to make up my own parts” to retain the classic group singing experience. You’ll be shown the complete set of lyrics for the song and can sing any or all of them.

Why is the default group part different every time I select my song?

When you are prompted to select a group part, you may notice that you’re defaulted to a different part than the last time you joined. This is normal. The system will always default your selection to the part that is currently least represented in the group song you’ve selected. This is designed to maximize your opportunity to appear in the final video and maintain a balance of parts within any given group video. You are free to select any other part.

How do I select parts on Android?

Stay tuned.

How are video transitions determined in my Group Video?

Video transitions are determined by singers’ audio power. If we can hear your audio in a given section of the song, you’ll be added to the video in that section. If you are silent in a given section, we won’t add you to that section of the video. If there are more singers in a specific section eligible to appear than we can accommodate, then we’ll try to show the max number and then use additional transitions within the section to swap users in and out.

Is this compatible with open mic or community songs?

Group parts are available for community songs that have lyrics and duet parts definition, but not for open mic or community songs without such info. We’re exploring ideas to improve the process of uploading arrangements on Smule.com and support group parts for community songs.

Is it always 4 parts for every group song?

We’re starting with 4 parts for group songs, but as we continue to improve this feature, we may introduce songs with more than 4 parts. (There are 5 members of the Backstreet Boys, after all!)

Can I invite my friends to join a specific part?

This is currently not supported. We think it’s an interesting idea and are exploring it.

How do I know what lyrics each part corresponds to?

You’ll have to choose each part and find out. There is currently no way to preview the lyrics for each part but we are currently exploring solutions. We are also very interested in hearing your feedback!

Introducing Group Video!

Introducing Group Video!

Author Esther Broner once wrote, “The total person sings, not just the vocal cords.”

Last October, we launched video solos and duets to give you, our beloved singers, a way to express yourself beyond your vocal cords. We were amazed by your response. By uploading more than 1.5 million videos to the Smule network, you’ve shown us just how meaningful it is to combine sight and sound!

Today, we are thrilled to announce the next evolution of video singing: Group Video.

Group Video evokes the feeling of creating something small – like planting a seed – and wondering what it will evolve into. Step by step, you watch the seed grow into a sapling and fill with pride as it matures into a mighty oak. With Group Video, you plant a seed that will grow into a dynamic montage of visual and audio awesomeness.

With Group Video, we are really emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. You don’t need to organize people or become an editing wizard to create a great video. Just record yourself singing the entire song, upload the performance, and the rest is magic.

There are so many Sing! users who are just a little bit intimidated or unsure if this whole singing thing is really their cup of tea. We hope Group Video gives them the courage to sing with others and express themselves without holding back.

Best of all, Group Video is just the beginning of a larger initiative to build the most extensive video singing platform in the world. To make this a reality, we need your help! Tell us what you like or dislike. Are there types of music videos you’d love to create but cannot? We truly believe that open communication is the key to making this project a success. We look forward to seeing all the awesome performances you create!

Read more about this on the Group Video FAQ!

How to Create a New Group Video:


Now that your Group Video seed is out in the wild, anyone can add their voice to it. Get excited because your video is about to evolve!

How to Join An Existing Group Video:


Read more about this on the Group Video FAQ!

Group Video FAQ

Group Video FAQ

What is Group Video?

Group Video is a new feature in Sing! Karaoke that enables you to sing and act with multiple singers in a single, evolving performance. Your individual recording becomes a piece of a massive ensemble. Your video is mashed up with other singers’ videos to create the ultimate performance.

How do I create a Group Video?

Simply select the song you’d like to sing and tap on “Group.” Then, switch the video toggle from OFF to ON.

How do I join someone else’s Group Video?

If you’ve been invited by a friend, you’ll see a message on the Invites screen. Otherwise, you may browse the Hot Recordings, Feed, or Open Call pages to find public performances. When you start your recording, you’ll hear not only the backing track of the song but also many of the other singers who have participated in the same recording. After you’re done, save and upload your performance. That’s it!

How do others join my Group Video?

Once you’ve recorded your first Group Video performance, you may invite your friends to join. Alternatively, if you saved your performance as a public performance, it becomes eligible to appear in the Feed of friends and strangers alike. They may discover your performance and surprise you by joining.

Why does my Group Video look different today than it did yesterday?

Your performance will continue to evolve as more singers join the Open Call. When you create a Group Video performance, you are enabling the world to interpret your work and perform alongside you. Prepare to be surprised by how different your Group Video sounds when it’s finished.

How do FX (such as Selfie and Sepia) work with Group Videos?

The original Group Video Open Call creator has the option to set the Video FX that he or she wants to use. All joiners’ recordings will automatically have the same Video FX applied.

What happens to my performance if I save early?

We can’t guarantee that your recording will appear in the final video. But there’s still a chance!

Why don’t I see myself in the video I just joined?

Due to the sheer number of videos being combined and remixed, it may take a few moments for the Group Video you joined to process. You’ll receive a notification when the new video is ready!

It says the maximum number of joins has been reached! What do I do?

The more joins we allow in a Group Video, the less face time each performer gets in the final video. Currently, each Group Video allows a maximum of 50 joins. If the performance has reached its join limit, try joining a different Group Video (or create your own!).

Am I allowed to join my own Group Video?

Yes, you can repeatedly join your own Group Video to create your own chorus.

How does Group Video work with Open Mic?

Open Mic is a unique experience because each singer can say or do whatever they want. With Open Mic Group Videos, the rules for transitions are slightly different. For the first 8 Group Video performers, the layouts will be static. This allows joiners to plan and script creative collaborations without having to worry about transitions getting in the way. Once the 9th person is added to the video, it will become a regular Group Video (with automatic transitions.) If you don’t want transitions, limit your collaborations to 8 participants or fewer.

Can I change the video transitions or change who appears in my final video?

Not now. Please stay tuned.

Can I raise or lower the volume of previous singers’ voices while I’m recording?

Not now. Please stay tuned.

Can I join a Group Video with audio only?

Yes, you may join a Group Video performance with only your voice. Your audio will be mixed into the chorus sections.

Is Group Video coming to Android?

The Android version of Sing! Karaoke currently does not support videos, but you can still add your voice to an existing Group Video performance. Your audio will be added to the chorus segments of the song. Stay tuned!

Extra-Life: A 25-Hour Gaming Marathon for Charity


This weekend, Smule engineer Alex K will be participating in Extra-Life, a 25-hour gaming marathon that raises money for children’s hospitals across the country. He’ll be playing for Children’s Hospital Oakland to help out sick kids facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents. Additionally, Smule will be matching donations up to $2000 to support the cause!

You can donate or spread the word here, as well as find a link to his twitch stream so you can watch him play. Donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go directly to the hospital! The event starts at 8a Pacific on Saturday, Nov 2nd, and goes until 8a the next day (including a bonus hour thanks to daylight savings!).

As for what games he’ll be playing, you can expect a LOT of League of Legends, possibly some Amnesia: The Dark Descent in the middle of the night when things get super scary, and maybe finally finishing Bioshock: Infinite. And seeing as Smuleans just can’t live without music, Alex will also be shuffling through a playlist of his top 25 most listened to artists of the last year, which is chock full of amazing (and embarrassing) tunes.

As the unofficial Extra-Life motto states: DO IT FOR THE KIDS!