ProductTuesday Tips – What effects should I use

Tuesday Tips – What effects should I use


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What effects to use on Smule Super Studio?

Many effects on Smule, but the most popular seems to be Smule Super Studio, Studio FX and Polish. Find out why below.

“Personally I only use Smule Super Studio FX. This fx will not change your voice and people will hear your own sound. The settings depends on your singing environment. But I always have my reverb and room somewhere between 20 and 40. You just have to try and save what sounds best to you.” –sonnysinay

“Agreed with Sonny and david! Super Studio seems to work best because it allows you to customize the effects on your voice depending on the room you’re recording in and even the arrangement you’re using. For example, if I’m singing in a room with lower acoustics, I can up the “room size” option in Super Studio to account for a lack of acoustics. Or, if I’m singing a song that has an arrangement that is simple or doesn’t have a lot of other effects going on, I can tone down my reverb and room size so that my voice matches the raw style of the song. Smule Super Studio is the way to go! But, it’s only available to VIP users, so make sure you sign up as VIP to reap all of its wonderful benefits! 😉 “ –Annah_TV


“Super Studio FX is the best one to use to get that full, more professional sound on your OC’s. I always try to keep it between 20 and 40 unless the track calls for a more of an echoing voice then go over 40. But if you’re not VIP I strongly suggest people use Indie FX it’s the closest you can get without being VIP to a proper kind of live venue sound. I still try out the Indie FX every now and again even though I have the Super Studio. But please whatever you do don’t use Popstar/Super Pop on a song that is not meant for autotune. Nothing kills the mood faster LOL” Dearhead

“I have a low voice and I have 3 favorite settings:

Polish fx. I already have a pretty resonant voice and I’ll use Polish for a clean sound on acoustic guitar or piano or perhaps when doing some spoken word (where I don’t really want any added reverb)

I also use Smule Super Studio. Two options for me are around 10% reverb and 20% area. I’ll use this for some reverb especially if I’m joining someone who has used some. I’ll also use 100%/100% with the volume at -12 on some very background joins where I want a super airy, cathedral-like effect on a layered song I’m making.

Finally, I use super pop with reverb around 7% and autotune at 0% or 1%. I find that when I sing higher this creates a silky sort of tone. From 2% autotune up though, any deep notes are high distorted and robotic. Gotta be very careful with super pop.” – jessecube

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