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Sing-and-Tell Winners

Sing-and-Tell Winners


In January we announced a contest hosted on social media platforms as a way to share your best and favorite performances to your friends and family. Many of you crafted amazing group, creative cosplay, and awesome partner artist videos, and we loved them – thank you for sharing! We announced the winners below who will win an iPad Mini! 


Twitter Winner:

Who doesn’t love singing with Partner Artists? MrLboyd sings an awesome duet with Nico and Vinz with their hit song “Am I Wrong.” Not only is their duet awesome, but 439 people on Twitter thought so too, enough to reshare it 276 times! :)


Facebook Winner:

Beautiful and heartwarming self-group video with Sharell_NV! We loved her unique voice and her powerful video. Keep it up! :)

Good job everyone and see you in the next challenge! 😉


SmuleFest 2016


Last year, we held our first SmuleFest where we came together to celebrate our love for music and community. It was a special time for Smule as we hosted over 700 people to enjoy an evening of music, singing and dancing with T-Pain, Tony Lucca, and Todd Carey. Check out our recap video!

This year, we are proud and excited to announce we our hosting our SECOND SmuleFest  – SmuleFest 2016, featuring performances by multi-talented superstar Jason Derulo and Smule community’s own Tom Bleasby! The event will be held at Public Works in San Francisco. Tickets are free while they last and the first drink is on us if you’re early. So make sure to RSVP to get your ticket here!

Tom Bleasby:

Tom Bleasby has been a Smule user since 2012. Outside of the Smule community, he is known  for his video duet with Jessie J, which quickly went viral and landed him a guest spot on Ellen. Tom was also a contestant on X Factor 2015. We are excited for him to be our first community member to be featured at SmuleFest!

Jason Derulo:

Yup. You read correctly. We are absolutely thrilled that Jason Derulo will be performing at SmuleFest 2016! Singer, songwriter, dancer, Jason Derulo now has eleven career platinum singes, and you can come see him live at SmuleFest! Read more about Jason here or sing with him on Smule here!


Sing “Firestone” from Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

Blog_Kygo (1)

Sing “Firestone” from Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

If you aren’t familiar with it yet, you really need to check out this lyrically beautiful song written and sung by Conrad Sewell and produced by Kygo. For many fans worldwide, this was the theme song of summer last year, reaching over 197 million views on YouTube and 350 million views on Spotify by year’s end. “Firestone” sat happily in the top 10 in countries across Europe, reaching #1 in several.

Conrad Sewell is an Australian singer and songwriter from Brisbane. While he is best known for “Firestone,” he also released single “Start Again” in March of 2015. “Start Again” is the first song to climb the charts under his own name, hitting number one in Australia and winning “Song of the Year at the ARIA 2015 music awards.

Today, you can sing “Firestone” from Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell.


Sing! “Ressuscita-me” with Aline Barros!


Joining us in Brazil where she is a household name is Aline Barros gospel singer and songwriter. In 2004 she became the first singer in Brazil to win the Latin Gammy and she has since won 5 more in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011 and 2012! GO ALINE! She is arguably one of the most popular singers in the country of Brazil, having received 40 awards in the past 10 years. Also an evangelical pastor, Aline has released 23 albums including 4 in Spanish, and 5 in Portuguese for children.


Invites Update


Hello Sing!ers,

You want to get the word out about your collabs. And, you want to know about ones you can join. This is why invites are so important, and we’ve heard from and talked to many of you about how to improve the invitation system.  Turns out there are many areas that needed addressing under the hood to make it easier for you to send and receive invites from people you care about.

Today’s update addresses key frustrations that we’ve heard from you on how invites are sent and received.  This may be a big change for some of you used to the old system.  Don’t worry, we’re not done.  This is where we need your help – try the new invites system and let us know what you think.  Know that we will not rest until this new system is working even better than before.

Without further ado, here’s a quick look at the key changes.

One Invites List

Your “Invites” list under “Notifications” will show all the invites sent by people you are following.  We’ve consolidated all the invites from singers you follow and care about into one list.  You don’t need to switch between different invites lists any more.


People who you are not following can still invite you to join a collab.  However, those invites will show up in the “Others” tab on the “Messages” screen.  Remember, you can block users to stop receiving unwanted invites.

Easily Invite All Your Followers

Your followers want to hear about your new collabs to join.  Right after you finish a duet or group collab, easily invite all your followers with a switch.  Make sure your collab is set to public if you want to invite all your followers to join you.


Invites via Sing! Message

Sometimes you want to send a more personal invite to your close friends or to your group chat with more specific instructions to join the collab.  You can do that with Sing! Message.  It’s not only for chatting, it’s also a way to personalize your invites directly to specific people or groups of people and chat about how you are going to join the collab with each other!

We’re also addressing one of the most requested features – you can now quickly search from the list of people you’re following without having to scroll through a long list or worry about missing anyone.


Remember, if you are inviting people who are not following you, your invites will only appear in their “Others” tab.  Be cautious when you do this so your invites don’t get mistaken for spam as you make new friends!

Selective Push Notifications

Are you getting too many push notifications? You can turn on/off your Sing! Message push notifications from specific singers or groups.


Alternatively, you can also disable all Sing! Message push notifications by going to your Settings and turning off “All Chat Notifications”.


Whew!  That’s it for now.  We hope this helps you connect with more of your friends and join more collabs.  Let us know what you think and stay tuned because we are going to make it even better.  Happy singing!


Smule Story: Kallie Star


Smule Story: Kallie Star

Last month we introduced “Smule Stories,” a project created to highlight the many unique and amazing individuals on Smule. We know that behind every Smule musician is a life rich with stories that have shaped who they are today. We are incredibly honored when we can be a part of those stories. The first in our Smule Stories collection features Smule community member, Kallie Star Lind!

Kallie shared the news of her devastating car accident on a Smule Sing! video. In the video, she recounted what had happened as well as the difficult aftermath. Her positive attitude and passion for singing touched us all, and her story had us all appreciating life more. You can watch her story in the video above, and learn more about her experience making the video below!

1) How was your overall experience being a part of Smule Stories?

It was amazing. Being noticed by Smule and having them send a crew to show how Smule has helped me through my struggles was truly touching. It seriously shows how much Smule cares for their users!

2) Did you experience any challenges?

I didn’t really experience any challenges. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m pretty good at connecting with people and so was the crew!

3) What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was actually meeting and talking to the people behind the scenes at Smule and learning more about the company itself.

4) What was the most memorable?

The most memorable part was Smule sending Cece to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with me. It’s amazing how close I am to that girl, especially after meeting her on an app!

5) Share a fun/random fact?

One fun fact is that I gave everyone on the crew nicknames: Alyce (Director) aka Asian persuasion, Mikal (Make-up Artist) aka Magic Mike, and Mark (Cinematographer) aka Dark Temptation. Also, you can find dark temptation and I rapping on my page to “No Type.”

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