MySC 2nd Anniversary (Malaysia)

 MySC 2nd Anniversary (Malaysia)
In conjunction with MySC 2nd Anniversary 13th Sep 2017, we kicked off our celebrations earlier on 13th Aug 2017 organising Malaysian Smule Bowling Competition. This event was held at WangsaBowl, Wangsa Walk, Kuala Lumpur from 9am to 1pm. 13 groups with 52 bowlers and 30 supporters attended this unforgettable event.
Optimized-MYSC bowl-2
​Group Photo


The Winners

​King & Queen Pin

During this event, MySC announced and launched a Digital Event named Sensational September to celebrate and showcase talented Malaysian Smulean. There’s 3 categories includes Smule Group, Vocal Group & Duo performance. The official hashtag for this event is:

Selected best performances and Smule Groups which has been established more than 2 years were featured in MySC social media platforms. We featured them in MySC FB from 3rd September onwards until end of the month, every night at 8pm, Prime TIme.
Please refer this link for 
V5 : Listen
3 GEIST : Rose of Sharyn
Family Smule Letop (FSL) : Suluhkan Sinar
Dedicated this humanity messages in memoriam of the Tsunami Tragedy, 24th Dec 2004
Apache : Bagaikan Sakti & 7 Syarat
Performing a snippets from the Legendary Mount Ledang Princess the Musical & Movie soundtrack
SILANTRA : You Raised Me UP
MySM : Jampi
Faiz Nordin & Eri Zaha : Ebody & Ivory
For more information about MySC we encourage you to add our official account in 
Smule, FB, IG : @MySCofficial
Any questions you can direct PM our FB admin or email to
Best Regards;

Malaysian Smule Community (MySC)

‘We Sing to Express Not to Impress’
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#SmulePickAcoustic is This Weeks Theme


#SmulePickAcoustic is This Weeks Theme

Happy Friday, Smuleans!

For newcomers, Smule Picks is a curated playlist of Smule’s favorite performances from the Sing! community based on a theme each week. Any community member can add the weekly Smule Picks hashtag to his or her recording description for a chance to be featured in this playlist, which we publish every Friday. And since today is Friday, it’s time to unveil a brand new playlist for this past week’s theme and announce the next one!

This week’s Featured Smule Picks playlist was based on the theme: Soul. Check out the playlist right now on Smule or open up the Sing! Karaoke app and tap on the Hot Performances screen.

Selections from #SmulePickSoul Playlist

Enter Your #SmulePickAcoustic Recording!

This coming week’s theme is: SmulePickAcoustic! Here’s what you have to do for a chance to be featured in our Smule Picks playlist next week:

  1. Sing a song – Acoustic version!
  2. Add the hashtag#SmulePickAcoustic
  3. Upload your recording by the deadline on Thursday, September 28th, at noon PST

Vocal Edge 6: AUDITION NOW!

VE Logo 1b

Vocal Edge 6: AUDITION NOW!

Thats right, last week you heard about the history of Vocal Edge, and now the time has come.

The biggest solo competition is back, and we’re ready for you to come and sing for us.

Vocal Edge is a solo competition, covering a multitude of genres, and challenging you with weekly themes and challenges.

This season, each theme is purely genre based, although you have the ability to ‘Choose your own fate’, giving each contestant a customizable experience through the season, bringing both personalization and strategy into play.

Vocal Edge prides itself on honest critiques and scores from a multitude of talented judges, who are on hand to guide, explain and elaborate on their comments when necessary.

You can take a listen to the judges with this song we have prepared:

Little Mix – Black Magic


Auditions are open all week on the pages of the 18 current Vocal Edge staff members, so go to one of our pages, and join the track marked “AUDITION: Vocal Edge 6”.

Our senior staff are VE_Brett, VE_Cryss, VE_Isabel and ELtBest_Sheem – follow us, or simply go to our page and audition.  If you know any of the other 14 judges, you can go to their pages too!

This season we are accepting all auditions, because we want to give everyone an opportunity to receive advice or critique in order to assist development if they wish to try and improve.

The audition simply consists of singing any song of your choice, without music – so just let yourself go and let us hear those voices!

We look forward to seeing you in what we hope will be our biggest season yet.

Live life on the Vocal Edge!

Group Promo - Final 2a

Smule Meet Up (Russia)

2-min (1)

An unprecedented meeting of the Smule users was held on July 22-24, 2017, in a Moscow suburb, exactly one year after the first gathering and the first anniversary of the SmuleRussia community. Many of us already knew each other well through Smule but this was the first time we managed to get together outdoors for three days, away from the urban bustle. SmuleRussiaCamp event, which was organized by SmuleRussia founders, offered participants not just to sing but to also immerse themselves into the childhood innocence of a camping experience.

SmuleRussiaCamp ceremony started with raising of the SmuleRussia flag in a festive atmosphere, and with playing the anthem of the community. The participants received “currency,” which was issued exclusively for this event and awarded in team games, in order to purchase drinks and services in the camp. Food and unique pastries with the SmuleRussia insignia and birthday candles were provided to the campers.  Every evening, camp participants gathered around the campfire, sang songs accompanied by live music of guitars and drums, and of course danced into the night.  Throughout the event, SmuleRussia users played, participated in team competitions, and laughed, but most importantly, they learned more about those with whom they have been singing together in Smule.

SmuleRussiaCamp was an enormous success and an amazing bonding experience.  Perhaps most importantly, the participants will forever remember the spark of excitement in each other’s eyes as well as the warmth and kindness everyone showed during the festivities.

Thank you Smule for helping us meet each other!  Also big thanks to everyone participating in SmuleRussiaCamp and Smule users worldwide!  We are all tuned to the same musical frequency!



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From the team that bring you Dynamic Vocals!

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From the team that bring you Dynamic Vocals!

Are you looking for a competition with a difference? Dynamic Records might just be for you! Brought to by Dynamic Vocals, this brand new competition will mimic some aspects of the music industry and will allow contestants the opportunity to work as individuals as well as with a group of people. There are a two stages to the competition, designed to filter out the best contestants before they move into working with producers to create original music towards the end of the competition.

During the first half of the competition artists will be tested on their versatility and creativity through a series of four rounds that will test contestants abilities in the following areas:

-Genre Shift

During these four rounds, our producers will be looking out for contestants to make their final teams for the second section of the competition.

If you are one of the talented few to be selected to move through to stage two, you will move forward with a group of artists and, along with the producers, go head to head to create original songs. (Music will be provided by our legendary team of producers).

Below, you can find more information but firstly we encourage you now to add the DV Official accounts on Sing! and Line so you can direct any questions.
Smule: @DynamicVocals

Auditions are open from Monday 25th September until Saturday 30th September! In the audition process our dedicated team of judges will vote on whether you qualify to take one of only 100 places within this competition. 50% of the judges must agree that you should go through to progress to round one. You will not receive any feedback on your song for the auditions but will be notified whether you have been successful or not.

Auditioning is simple. All you need to do is choose any recording, old or new, and as long as you are the only artist featured on the track you are ready to go. Simply add the hashtag #DRAudition before Saturday 30th September and get ready to embark upon an adventure through a game that mimics the music industry!

Again, add is on Smule Sing!: @DynamicVocals

Please share with your friends and start preparing! We can’t wait for you to join us for this very first season!


How to get the Video Styles if you don’t yet have access?!


How to get the Video Styles if you don’t yet have access?!

Ever wondered what it would be like if we could create music video styled videos on Smule? Well, we are getting there with VIDEO STYLES – a new feature on Sing! That allows you to be more expressive with videos. These videos are a combination of colors, transitions, effects, animations all while timing perfectly to the music! Right now, there are three different pre-made styles you can select from: #RioStyle, #OsloStyle, and #PetraStyle

We are slowly rolling out this feature to users, however we don’t want to overload our video processing technology by giving this feature to everyone.

Here are ways YOU can do right now to get the effect!

1) You can search #RioStyle, #OsloStyle, and #PetraStyle in the search box to find cool duets you can join, and the new styles will be applied.

2) You can join some power users right now!




Keep an eye out for upcoming video styles playlist and more videos! :)