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Starting an Adventure with Em Rossi – Part 3


Day 3 was an incredible day! The morning started off with Andrew Josyln and Josh Neumann laying down strings. Aside from piano, strings are some of my favorite musical instruments. The night I had written this song I kept saying in my head, “This song HAS to have strings that will break your heart and mend it at the same time.”

I honestly felt incredibly proud watching Andrew and Josh record on this song. Songwriting has been something that I’ve had to continue working at and wracking my brain with to better myself at. To know that this song was good enough to be produced to this level was beyond fulfilling.

When the afternoon approached, it was time for me to lay down the main vocals. Preparing myself to sing this song in the studio was one of the most therapeutic experiences I’ve ever gone through. I didn’t want to hold myself back emotionally or let my mind/nerves get in the way. I think one of the greatest things that happened was that after all of the thinking and practicing was done, I stood in front of the mic and let go. When I allowed myself to think and not think at the same time I found clarity. It felt like a goodbye I had never had the chance to receive from my dad, and there I was standing there alone in that room telling him that was okay.

When the recordings were done and the studio was turning down there was a moment I will never forget. It had been raining that entire day as the gloomy Seattle clouds blanketed the barn. The exact moment that we finished the session the last rain drop fell, the clouds opened up only around the property, and dazzled the entire place in a massive ray of sunlight. Seriously, I’m not kidding…

The emotional release and confidence boost from the experience of recording/producing this song is both unbelievably surprising and inspiring. I’m so happy to be able to move forward from this song, share the journey with all of you, and then be able to create what the future will bring after this chapter in my life.

I hope this song can be even an ounce to all of you of what it is to me. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me! I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Much love!


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Introducing Smule Peru Community

Optimized-Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.32.42 AM

Smule Peru Community

We are glad to introduce the first Official Peruvian Community on Sing! Smule. A community of Peruvian friends for all Peruvians users in Smule. The main objective is to promote this amazing Karaoke App to all Peruvians around the world, so more people could enjoy singing their favorite songs with friends, family and even with Smule artists.

Meet new friends thru singing, take part in our enjoyable group songs, participate in the weekly “Smule Picks”, post your best performances and attend the community meetings in different places of the World. It doesn’t matter if you are in a different countries out of Peru or even if you have Peruvian roots, in the Community Smule Peru there is a place for everyone.

If you want to take part in the official community and meet Peruvian users from Smule, you could find us and contact us through our Smule Peru Facebook fan page and joining the Group.

Facebook Official Fan Page:


Facebook Official Group (Community Smule Peru):


Find us too on LINE, with these LINE ID: diegopaul92/@ssz2405w

Smule Peru Creators: Diego (@Paulizinho), Luis (@SD_Lucho), Letha (@Letha_DVC), Lea (@Lea_Rocca), Silvana (@_Silvanna_)



Starting the Adventure with Em Rossi – Part 2


As the second day began, I could tell the song was already beginning to find it’s magic. The morning was spent with Ryan and I working on synths and percussion. I walked around the studio space with Ryan as he opened drawers filled with an abundance of instruments, everyday objects, and many other things I could not tell you the name of.

One of the greatest things about being at Bear Creek is the peace it brings. There are no cars, no neighbors, no TV, or internet to distract you. The song that was being made was the sole focus inside the old converted barn. We slowly added the needed sounds here and there to encompass the bones of the track.

In the afternoon, multi-instrumentalist Kimo Muraki arrived and began his work. Starting on horns, Kimo kept grabbing different kinds of horns one after the other building an entire surging horn section by himself. Coming back into the main room he then picked up Ryan’s guitar and started trickling notes here and there on the pre-chorus. I will forever be jealous of his instrumentation. It’s always an incredible feeling when you hear how elevated a song becomes when the right sound is added onto it. It’s the feeling you get when you finally find that puzzle piece you’ve been searching for hours for.

The second main day of work on “No Longer The Same” was finished. After everyone had left the studio and my mom was in the treehouse on the other side of the property, I sat alone at the piano. There was nothing like that feeling of sitting at the piano bench entirely alone in a barn at midnight.

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Time to start the adventure with Em Rossi! (Part 1/3)

Time to start the adventure!

The early wake up call to head to the airport that morning couldn’t tame the buzz that was running through me. Only a few days prior, Ryan Hadlock (producer for Vance Joy, Phillip Phillips, The Lumineers) called me and said he had a possible one week opening in his over booked schedule. Next thing I knew I was flying to the urban coastal landscape of Seattle, a place I had always dreamed of seeing.

The day we arrived we spent exploring the city and the next morning we began our journey outside the city to Bear Creek Studios. Out in the beautiful nothingness that was the countryside, we pulled onto a long windy dirt road. Our car cruised for a minute and then stopped at the large barn I had stared at many times through a computer screen. I was greeted by Ryan and his father who brought me through the doors of Bear Creek Studios for the first time.

I walked in, threw my bag in the corner of the upstairs loft, ran down the steps, and started the first day of production on “No Longer The Same.” I felt like my mind was floating as my body naturally moved through the day. I was still processing the fact that I was even there. Sitting at the bench of a beautiful Steinway, I listened to Ryan and Taylor Carroll, the engineer, talk to me through my headphones. Listening to the first clicks of the track I started to play the piano piece I had written in my hometown bedroom on a small electric Yamaha the week before I moved to Los Angeles.

It felt incredible to hear my finished piano melody playing through the speakers at the main console. I felt like I had finally woken up and fully realized where I was at. Ryan was sitting in his old armchair, a chair that looked like it had lived in the corner of that room it’s entire life, as Taylor was clicking away on the computer working on the day’s recordings. I had to let myself take in that moment because I knew very few artists get the chance to experience it. If only the walls could talk, they would tell stories from artists such as Lionel Richie, Soundgarden, Vance Joy, The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile, and The Foo Fighters.

From the beginning my co-manager said to me, “It’s a marathon not a sprint.” From standing in a tiny studio in Santa Rosa learning to record, to the first years of traveling to Los Angeles when I was 15, to suddenly losing my father and having my family’s life completely change, to knowing in my heart music was what I wanted to do, to getting myself back up to pursue it, and to the hours upon hours of stress, exhaustion, and fear trying to make the first beginnings click. All of us artists are fighting every day to make a career doing what we love. Standing there in the studio that first day was acknowledgment for myself. I could say to myself that I was good enough to be there because I had worked hard enough to get there.

There will be many more days of hard work to come, but this was another door I had opened…

Much love,


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Smule Mega Collaborations (SMC) – Community Post

Smule Mega Collaborations (SMC)

Malaysian Smule Community (MySC) are very pleased to announce our collaboration with hafiizhXaleaya & Ah_Kei. A pilot project managed by Singapore and Malaysia Smulean to gather Smule groups and community especially from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Worldwide. Smule Mega Collaborations (SMC) is a program for Smule Singers to perform awesome song collaborations with other Smulean.

We started our humble journey in September, 2017 with over 35 Smule groups and community. To listen to SMC, just search for #SMC2017 #MegaCollab1 #MegaCollab2 in Smule application.

Here are some of the performances from SMC 2017 September to December Playlist

SMC Welcoming 2018 : We Will Rock You

WeekendDate, The24KMagic & ASSx : I Will Survive

D’Majestic, MAV & V7C

TCXMetal Division & The Singers Group : Starlight

All Star SempoiSmulerGanza & GSKL

AGV & The24KMagic : Just The Way You Are



MySC & Banzai Republic : Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

SmulerGanza & SuperVoiceTeam : Forget You

Our Mission:
Investing in the connections amongst all participating members

Our Objectives:

  • To promote or/and to make known of Groups & Communities in Smule
  • To showcase group members’ individual talents through Smule Mega Collaborations
  • To build a healthy relationship between the Groups & Communities in Smule

The Collaboration
SMC is based on a HOME & VISITOR format:

  1. Only three (3) members of each Team are allowed to represent their Group/Community per song collaboration
  2. The Home Team will have to choose the song & arrange the parting of the lyrics
  3. The Home Team will have to open the chosen song on their Smule group official’s account
  4. Group Pairings & Theme will be set monthly by the Organisers


Malaysian Smule Community
Est. since 2015 by Saikomi
Official Acc. Page: www.smule.com/MySCOfficial

Angkatan Suara Sexayyy eXclusive
Est. since 2016 by The Duo, hafiizhXaleaya
Official Acc. Page: www.smule.com/_ASS

Official Online Radio Network:

VFM Smulers Radio

Channel Operates by: Valianto Exclusive
Official Acc. Page : www.smule.com/ValiantoOfficial

What are the other benefits in this program?

By exploring/sharing the works between Groups & Communities, it gives you the room for improvements by learning from each other.
Individuals would also be able to enhance their networking opportunities as well as making new friends from all over the world.

Haven’t registered your group yet?
What are you waiting for!?

‍♂ How to take part? 
Founders/Leaders may contact:

Line ID: hafiizh
Click here to send request on LINE
Smule: @hafiizhASSx
Click here to send request on Smule

LINE ID: elfadli
Click here to send request on LINE
Smule: @_leeyawrrr
Click here to send request on Smule


SWC Winner announced!



The Latin Voices Smule Community presents the new absolute champion of Sing! competition “Smule World Championship 2017”  that took place during the months of July, August and September.

The Indonesian Team DVocalist Superb managed to become the reigning champion of SWC 2017, winning in “The Global Final” against the team LATIN VOICES CHIMERAS. Let’s review the glorious path of this team full of talented guys who enjoyed singing like each of us in Sing!

DVocalist Superb is formed by a group of 10 vocalists (Tri, Widi, Olive, Cincin, Hilda, Ega, Hexa, Venny, Bhisma & Septi) and was led by Olive they gave it their all with only one objective in mind: To become the champions of SWC 2017. The team signed up for the English version of SWC 2017 and was assigned to Zone 1-List A along with five other teams to compete against. This was the first challenge of DVocalist Superb. First, they knew they had to qualify for the next round and that included being among the top two in List A.

Although in the beginning it was a hard challenge due to the high amount of competitive talent, they managed to finally classify and advance to the next round and from that moment on for the remainder of the competitive weeks they continued a successful triumphant path getting much more closer to their goal. The team never gave up until becoming champions of Zone 1 of the English Version of SWC 2017.

To their surprise the team ended up against one of their own family, DVocalist Platinum whom were champions of Zone 2 and they both had to battle it out for the title of the English version. Finally they were able to break their limits to finally become the champions of the English version.

Still there was a final step; which was what the group had anxiously awaited since the beginning of the competition. DVocalist Superb had to go up against the representative of the Spanish version SWC 2017 Latin Voices Chimeras for the biggest title The Absolute Champion  SWC 2017. The team of 10 talented vocalists had only 2 weeks to prepare and sing a group song and was required to present on the day of the final. They finally presented a song in the Mashup category: “Bird set Free” obtaining great results and having been elected by the judges of the competition. The epic moment had finally come, the judges had to announce the results and the group became the absolute reigning champion of SWC 2017. Congratulations team!!!

As part of the organization of this competition we would also like to congratulate the champion of Zone 2 of the English Version: DVocalist Platinum, Latin Voices Chimeras for representing the Spanish Version and especially to all of the 192 teams. Also the judges who participated in this second edition of Smule World Championship. To finalize, we leave you with the winning group song from DVocalist Superb to enjoy:

“Bird Set Free (Mashup)” – (The Global Final) winning song

We will see you in 2018!

Diego Paul – @Paulizinho

(Creator of SWC and Founder of Latin Voices SC)