#SmuleNesiansHIPHOP is Next Week’s Theme


#SmuleNesiansHIPHOP is Next Week’s Theme

Playlist “SmuleNesians Challenge” adalah playlist yang berisi rekaman-rekaman favorit dari komunitas Smule Indonesia, berdasarkan tema tertentu setiap minggunya. Seluruh pengguna Smule Indonesia dapat ikut serta dengan menambahkan hashtag di deskripsi rekaman sesuai dengan tema yang ditentukan, untuk kesempatan difitur di playlist tersebut yang diperbarui setiap minggu.

Playlist “SmuleNesians Challenge” minggu ini bertema: METAL! Cek playlist-nya sekarang di halaman “Explore / Jelajah” di Smule!

Tema playlist minggu depan: HIP HOP! Begini caranya untuk kesempatan difitur dalam playlist “SmuleNesians Challenge” minggu depan:

1. Nyanyikan lagu dari genre HIP HOP favorit Anda (format solo/duet/group). Anda juga bisa join undangan lagu yang tersedia di akun Smule: @SNHipHop .

2. Tulis hashtag #SmuleNesiansHIPHOP di deskripsi rekaman tersebut, paling lambat Minggu, 11 Agustus 2019.

3. Rekaman-rekaman terbaik akan dipilih dan difitur di Playlist “SmuleNesians Challenge” di halaman Explore / Jelajah minggu depan!

Good luck!


“SmuleNesians Challenge” Playlist is a curated playlist from the Smule Indonesia community based on a theme each week. Any Indonesian user can participate by adding the weekly theme hashtag to his or her recording description for a chance to be featured in this weekly playlist.

This week’s featured “SmuleNesians Challenge” playlist was based on the theme: METAL! Check out the playlist right now on the Explore screen on Smule!

Next week’s playlist theme is: HIP HOP! Here’s what you have to do for a chance to be featured in the “SmuleNesians Challenge” playlist next week:

1. Sing your favorite HIP HOP songs (solo/duet/group format). You can also join song invitations on @SNHipHop Smule account.

2. Put #SmuleNesiansHIPHOP hashtag on your performance description, no later than Sunday, Aug 11, 2019.

3. Best recordings will be picked and featured on next week’s “SmuleNesians Challenge” Playlist on the Explore screen!

Good luck!

#SingtopiaOldSchool is Next Weeks Theme!

Welcome back!
This new curated list will be called SINGTOPIA PICKS! This playlist will consist of weekly/monthly themes, tributes, challenges and much more. The difference this time is you’re not just limited to official Songbook songs. You can create anything that’s in the community songbook (with a few exceptions). We are so excited to collaborate with Singtopia Community and to hear all of your amazing voices from around the world.

#SingtopiaHarmony Picks

To Enter!

1) Sing and upload new performances that reflect the weekly theme.
Add the hashtag #Singtopiaoldschool to your song description.

2) Upload your recording within the weekly time frame and submit your songs no later than Thursday 12:00 PM PST of each week. Winners will be chosen and showcased every Friday on the SingtopiaPicks playlist found on the Explore Page.

3) Don’t forget to check out Singtopia Picks every Friday for the most updated playlist! The curation team will listen closely and maybe you may see yourself on the playlist! All types of collaborations are welcome. Come join the party!

#SmuleMusicVideo Winners

WOW! Seeing so many creative #SmuleMusicVideo entries on YouTube we are incredibly excited to find new talent and see how our users create their own videos. From these videos, our team is excited to bring some new features that others may want to use in the future — so thank you for sharing you ideas with us!

Winners please keep an eye out in inbox or smule inbox over the next few days for details 😉

On to the fun part…

The winner of #SMV who will receive an New iPad Air & a headset & a tee-shirt is..

* Drum Roll *

Gold Star


Silver Stars – winner of cool headphones & tee-shirts






Bronze Stars winner of Smule Swag




@___JASMiiN___ & @Anatolianlady


Honorable mention to MR. MANNY AND MELI – you will receive Smule LOVEEEEE!

Rate That Song!

Hello fellow Smulers,

We want to promote the best, most entertaining, inspiring and fun performances in the App. We have an algorithm that does that automatically but we need to improve and validate its recommendations. We really need your help!

We built a tool that will allow you to “Rate” a performance and tell us what you think about it.

This is the Link to the Web Tool: please be truthful when you test it or look at it because the rating is logged immediately. (It’s LIVE)

No instructions needed: it’s extremely simple!

Few important things to know about the Rating System:
To access the Rating Tool user must log into Recommendations will influence our calculations so it’s important that you give us your sincere opinion.

On a weekly basis we’ll pull the Top 3 Users that Rated most performances and we’ll grant them:
1st – 1000 Coins
2nd – 500 Coins
3rd – 250 Coins

Thank you for your help!
The Smule Team

Update on LiveJam


Hello fellow users,

Since we launched LiveJam in late 2018, we have been working to improve its features and functionality. We have been in communication with you, our users, and many of the improvements have been inspired by your feedback and recommendations.

Some of your feedback has been about how to promote good behavior in LiveJam. We’ve already taken several steps to improve the experience, including:

1. Disabling video chat messages
2. Increasing monitoring of abusive content
3. Improving reporting tools and systems
4. Taking action against anyone who doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines
And more to come….

Many of you have reported concerning behaviours in LiveJam

After carefully monitoring LiveJam activities and the experience of all our users, we have decided to limit the ability to start a LiveJam, public or private, exclusively to VIP Users. This will ensure better authentication as we continue to work on user safety.

Non-VIP users will still be able to join LiveJams (public and private), as well as get on the mic and be given LiveJam Admin Privileges.

Important Reminder: Whomever starts a LiveJam (aka the Owner) has full control over the LiveJam’s administration’s tools. The Owner can at any time remove users from the LiveJam, take users off the mic, and grant trusted friends the Admin Privileges to help moderate the LiveJam. Also Owners can set the LiveJam to “private” mode vs “public” and only have people they want participate in the LiveJam.

If you want a refresher on how to keep our Smule community awesome, please review the Smule Community Guidelines and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions HERE!

Thank you

Let’s Celebrate the Harmony of #DirgahayuIndonesia !

Let’s Celebrate the Harmony of #DirgahayuIndonesia !

Mari rayakan Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia ke-74 di Smule! Di sepanjang bulan Agustus, kami mengajak Anda untuk bersama-sama merayakan Hari Kemerdekaan, dengan menyanyikan lagu-lagu Indonesia di Smule. Tunjukkan cintamu pada lagu-lagu Indonesia dan rayakan keanekaragaman Harmoni Indonesia!

Cara ikut serta:

1. Cari dan tekan gambar banner #DirgahayuIndonesia di halaman Songbook di Smule, dan bergabung dengan undangan para Partner Artis Smule Indonesia favorit Anda. Anda juga bisa menyanyikan lagu Nasional, lagu Daerah, serta lagu-lagu Indonesia favorit Anda lainnya.
2. Tambahkan hashtag #DirgahayuIndonesia di deskripsi rekaman lagu dan juga di undangan lagu Indonesia Anda, agar orang lain dapat menemukan rekaman Anda dan bernyanyi dengan Anda!
3. Jangan lupa bagikan rekaman Anda ke media sosial, menggunakan hashtag #DirgahayuIndonesia.

Setiap minggu, Smule akan memilih rekaman-rekaman terbaik untuk difitur di Playlist #DirgahayuIndonesia di halaman Jelajah/Explore, serta di media sosial Smule Indonesia!


Let’s celebrate the upcoming Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day on Smule! For the whole month in August, we invite you to join the celebration by singing all Indonesian songs on Smule. Show your love for Indonesian songs and let’s celebrate the Harmony of Indonesia!

How to participate:

1. Tap the #DirgahayuIndonesia banner in the Songbook screen on Smule, and join your favorite Indonesian Artists’ invitations. You can also sing Indonesian National songs, Ethnic songs, and your other favorite Indonesian songs.
2. Add #DirgahayuIndonesia hashtag on your Indonesian songs and song invitations, so others can find your performance and they can join you!
3. Don’t forget to share your songs to your socials, using #DirgahayuIndonesia hashtag.

Every week, we will pick our favorites to be featured in the #DirgahayuIndonesia Playlist on the Explore screen and on Smule Indonesia socials.