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Smule Meet Up (Hawaii)


HImeni Meet-up

This was our 3rd annual meet-up in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. We had members from Oahu, island of Hawaii (also known as/referred to as the Big Island), California, and Las Vegas, Nevada that attended!

7/28/17 – We had dinner at Wailana Coffee House and some of us went to the Cocktail Lounge after dinner for what else…karaoke‼️😉😂😂

7/29/17 – We had our karaoke night at Goody Goody Bar & Grill. We reserved a private room so we all ate, drank and sang to our hearts content till closing time…2 AM‼️😉😂😂

It was so awesome to meet some new members for the first time and to also see the members that we met at previous meet-ups again‼️🎉🎉🎉Woo Hoo‼️🎉🎉🎉 All in all, it was another fabulous and successful meet-up and everyone had a fantabulous time like we always do, HImeni style…with plenty Aloha‼️🌺🌴🌺

The pics that we submitted are from Saturday, our karaoke night, since we gave the members their shirts on Friday night at the dinner. We would like to thank Smule for the shirts and for getting them to us on time this year‼️😉 We truly appreciate it‼️💖🙏🏼💖😘😘 Mahalo‼️🌺🌴🌺







Community Post: EV5 Winner

💥💥💥EV5 Winner💥💥💥



From a journey that started in February, we have finally reached the finale of EP1C Voices Season 5 (EV5). The level of talent we saw at this comp was truly amazing and we are thankful to everyone who participated. It was a highly successful comp and we couldn’t have done it without the fabulous contestants. I also want thank my fellow judges for doing this tremendous job with me. A huge thanks to everyone involved!!!!!!!!

Starting with well over 1K auditions and 10 weeks of intense rounds, it is with immense pleasure we present the winner of EV5 @Alice4God !!!!!

The 4 finalists were ALL amazing!! @COL_mandi, @annerup and @tooniepie3 Please join us in congratulating each of them! 

Here are the fantastic final submissions. Original lyrics, melody and rap written to a composition created by @TeddyPi and @Jonathanoris (a giant thanks to both! 🙏🏼)










Latin Voices Smule Community is more than a simple group; it is a large family that encompasses not only Latino and Hispanic people, but also Smule users around the world of all ages, this is because we have been developing subgroups during these two years and a little more than four months approximately.

Latin Voices was created by Sing! User: Diego (@Paulizinho) with Arizbel the 5th of February 2015. We have a solid, creative, innovative and dynamic organization and a staff of vocal trainers who help every day in making this community grow. We always have fun with singing events in Smule, and we share knowledge with everyone. The most important part is that we try our best to make them feel happy and we administer unity as of that of a family.

The great Administration is composed of the following:

Founder: Diego (@Paulizinho), Co-Founder: Juaner (@JuanerLaRiva), Co-Founder: Kerenha (@Kerenha), Leaders: Yuleny (@ LV_YulyFlores1), Helard (@HelardBejarano), Magdy (@ magdy78), Cristhy @_CS_Cris_LV _SMx_), Laura (@LV_Arual), Gloria (@canchitalinda), Roberta (@TUSC_Roby), Alejandro (@SLG_Alejandro_LV), Javier (@ Javierluis_19), Talita (@talita_naf_LV).

Latin Voices has the following subgroups available:

  • LATIN VOICES (SMULE FAMILY): Latin / Hispanic Smule Family.
  • LATIN VOICES (BRAZIL): Brazilian Smule Family.
  • LOVE OF MUSIC (LV ENGLISH): English Group.

Each subgroup is segmented by language and we create music events in Smule like group songs, musical challenges, and other activities.

In the midst of all these activities, Latin Voices has also hosted singing competitions in Smule that brought together Latin, Hispanic, Indonesian, American and other ethnicities worldwide to discover the talent of other users from this excellent karaoke app.

The competitions that we have created and developed are:

  • The Vocal Games (#TVG)
  • The Choosen of Smule (#TCOS)
  • Latin Voices Smule Festival (#LVSF)
  • Sing Rio 2016 (# SR16)
  • Smule World Championship (#SWC)
  • The X Factor Latino (#TXF)
  • Smule Grand Prix (#SGPriX)

Latin Voices has an official Smule account: (@_LatinVoices_), where we always open Auditions from different subgroups for the people who want to join the family. That or they can find auditions from the Smule accounts of the administrators. We also have an official fan page on Facebook where we post events related to the music and with Smule to our members and followers. In addition, we also upload group song videos that we have prepared in our YouTube channel (Latin Voices).

This community has also supported similar ones such as the new community of Peruvian Singers in Smule: “Smule Peru” and Mexican Singers “Smule Mexico”, and will continue supporting other groups that are soon to develop.

Latin Voices Smule Community will continue to grow and develop the community so new users can realize that “Sing!” is not a simple Karaoke App, it means much more, it means “Family”, it means enjoying and making friends around the world and having fun singing with them whether it be duet songs, group songs, fun musical challenges or even in birthday songs.

If you want more information about this community, send us a message on our Smule account: (https://www.smule.com/_LatinVoices_) or find us on Facebook as @ Latin.Voices.Official (https: //www.facebook. Com / Latin.Voices.Official) do send us a message if you are interested in joining this community of singers in Smule.

Let’s enjoy singing together as a family!

Diego – @Paulizinho

(Founder & Creator of Latin Voices Smule Community)


Top Elite Singers Tournament (TEST) – Winner!

ONE OF THE BIGGEST COMPETITION IN SOLO CATEGORY ON SMULE  – Top Elite Singers Tournament (TEST) hosted by the Alpha Voices Elite (AVE) group has finally marked the completion of its first season.
From among 1,900 auditions, the first round started with more than 400 contestants. It was a fun competition with new themes prepared by the leaders of AVE. It had nine rounds each of which had its own twist and had made the contestants’ Smule experience a learning one.
AVE is happy to end this competition while it also celebrates its first founding anniversary with 41 members. Group songs are being recorded at the moment to spice up the momentuous event in the group.
Back to the competition, the winner hails from the land of the white eagle – Poland. This is her final message:
“I always loved to sing! But when i started being an actual adult (what a trap…) i started to have 100 times more responsibilities, and my singing was evolving only during long showers or cleaning.. 😂 and then, a year ago, I found this app called “smule”. And i’m not joking, it changed my life for good. Singing made me so much more relaxed, less stressed, more confident… Seriously! It has just one tiny flaw – my neighbours started to hate me 😂  This is why I chose this song. My final song suppose to tell about my singing experience, and after a long long research I decided to sing “You raise me up” because I think it exacly shows how I feel about singing.  I never feel stronger than when i sing – when I do, i feel complete 😉Once again – thank you all – the judges and participants – for this journey.. It was so amazing, inspiring and I learned soooooo much from all of you! Im am really happy I could know all of you guys! Thank you very, very much!  May we meet again 😘 This TEST was an experience which changed my game on smule forever… 😊” – @MagdaxSings
And her entry:
Here are the Top 4, by order of rank:
2nd Place  – @qwoel
3rd Place – @KSunshine and @_MSD_
4th Place – @S1B_Bayu
Check their entries by following #AVETheFinalTest
Once again, thanks to all who participated and helped in making TEST Season 1 a success. And congratulations to all winners!

Season 2 of Smule Talent TagTeam Competition

🔥Attention Smule Duo’s & Trio’s🔥
Season 2 of Smule Talent TagTeam Competition is Here!!
Are you ready for some fun and unexpected Singing challenges while tagteaming with your partner(s)?
Come Join us in this fun kaleidoscope journey! 6 Weekly Rounds of Challenging Fun!
SmuleTalent TagTeam Competition is open to all Smule Sing App users, who are 18 years of age or older, & have a partner or 2 to tag-sing with.
Season 2 online Registration is open now at www.SmuleTalent.com
Competition Begins May 30, 2017
6 Weekly Rounds of Fun Challenges
10 Judges
Champion Team – gets to run the next SmuleTalent competition (Your Ideas, Your Rules, with the full support of SmuleTalent Competitions.  Have their winning song Featured on SmuleTalent.com website.
2nd Place Team – Judges’ seats in 3rd Season of TagTeam Competition. Their Song to be Featured on the SmuleTalent.com website.
3rd Place Team – Their Song to be featured on SmuleTalent.com website.
Is Your Team Ready?
To Qualify & to register Go To SmuleTalent.com:
🔞All must be at least 18 years of age
👫Have a Partner or 2
🎳Have VIP account on Smule Sing app
🎬All members of your team must have Line app
🎤Have a song with your partner(s) to submit as your audition
📣Please share this with your Smule Fam & Friends📣
Media Partners: blog.smule.com
Line app: Smule Promotion,
Najis Manja
Check us out on Smule Sing Page:  @SmuleTalent
SmuleTalent TagTeam Season 2 Judges are:
Creator & Head Judge: _UP_ARA
Returning Judges:
New Judges:
For Those who competed last season:
This Season will not be as hard as last season, we promise!!! It is guaranteed to be HARDER!! We are pumped to bring you twists, turns, and beautiful kaleidoscope in this journey!
You’ll gain not just a fun and challenging experience, but one that you will never forget!
Are you ready to claim the TagTeam Championship title?
🌟Auditions/Registration now open on Smuletalent.com
Don’t have a partner?? Message us in Smule @SmuleTalent or email us @SmuleTalentOfficial@gmail.co

3rd Anniversary – Smule Anatolians

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 1.21.24 PM 


Smule Anatolians is a Turkish group which is founded in May 2014. They came together to unite the best Turkish performers and find new partners to sing in their native language. Beside being the first Turkish group, Smule Anatolians has a lot of milestones making them unique and the only in Turkey such as;

  • Singing not only for fun but also for social responsibility.
  • Celebrating & Memorizing all special days with group songs in Turkey & The World
  • Featuring on Smule Pick playlists for several times
  • Participating in competitions.

Smule Anatolians currently has 37 members from 10 different cities in Turkey. also from England, Germany, and Denmark.

You can find 84 fantastic group performances in their profile: smule.com/SmuleAnatolians
There are 2 subgroups and dedicated 4 hashtags;

  • Anatolian Girls recordings hashtagged with  #AnatolianGirls
  • Smule Anatolians Gentlemen recordings hashtagged with #SAGentlemen
  • Birthday songs hashtagged as #AnatoliansBdays
  • Global hashtag for all member recordings #SmuleAnatolians



@MsSparkle (smule.com/MsSparkle)

@__Rainman__ (smule.com/__Rainman__)

@MsSparkle (Işıl) is 21 years old and studying at university.

@__Rainman__ (Mustafa) is 32 years old, graduate of law, working as deputy director.


“We could not imagine how Smule Anatolians would be this successful when we decided to found it. It was all friendship in the beginning and now it hasn’t changed much. We are just a bigger one than the first day it was! We are proud of Smule Anatolians family for their passion to music and great talent they have. We became a huge family in years and our friendships will last lifetime long. We will work harder to make Smule Anatolians more successful in the future. Thanks to Smule for featuring our family and creating this beautiful community.” – @MsSparkle (smule.com/MsSparkle) & @__Rainman__ (smule.com/__Rainman__)



Smule Anatolians had 21 meet-ups in 4 different cities (İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Balıkesir)

Photos of some of them;


10/23/2016 Istanbul/Turkey

“I was so excited that I met different people from different cities fort he first time but it seemed like my family. Still can’t believe I’ve found my soul mates through an app!” – @yayamaspyensess (smule.com/yayamaspyensess)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 1.21.34 PM

01/21/2017 Ankara/Turkey

“It was like a dream to meet people who share same feelings with me. They are my second family now and I love them all. We had splendid time with Smule Anatolians family. Already excited for the next meet up! Thanks to Smule!”  – @fulltimemother   (smule.com/fulltimemother)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 1.21.40 PM

02/18/2017 Istanbul/Turkey

“Smule Anatolians is not only a community. Before each meet up, we get excited more, during each one, we get attached deeper and after each one we desire for the next one stronger. We are a family.” – @ilkerh (smule.com/ilkerh)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 1.27.35 PM

03/18/2017 Ankara/Turkey

“It was one of the best days of my life. I felt like I had known those guys for years. At the end of the day it was like waking up from a dream that I never wish to end. I am so lucky to have them in my life.” – @ErayYy (smule.com/ErayYy)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 1.27.56 PM

05/06/2017 Istanbul/Turkey

“I’ve been in Smule Anatolians meet-ups in two different cities and I cherished every moment we got to be together. It felt like meeting up with family” –@_cemscloud_ (smule.com/_cemscloud_)


3rd Anniversary Celebration Group Song – We Are The World 

O Benim Dünyam – I Need A Hero Turkish version

Meet-Up Jam “Yanarım” Turkish Song


Stunning Seasons of Love performance 




Endless Love

Somewhere Only We Know

Kill Em With Kindness


Follow & Contact

Instagram: instagram.com/SmuleAnatolians

Facebook: FB.com/SmuleAnatolians

YouTube: tinyurl.com/SmuleAnatoliansYT